Wednesday, May 28 through Friday, May 28, 2004

Harry Strahlendorf spoke at a 3-day WWII Commemoration
which took place at Oakcrest High School.

This photo of Harry and his father, 1st Lt. Harry William Strahlendorf,
appeared in the Star-Ledger newspaper, Newark, N.J.


Harry speaks to a class about WWII and his father.


Harry stands in a classroom in front of a WWII display honoring his father.


Every class in the school for those three days was centered on WWII. Even in the Gym class, the kids learned how to march in cadence. Harry spent the day speaking to five classes of 15 year-olds, telling them about his father's personal sacrifice. He also asked the children to always remember our veterans to whom we owe so much. He displayed and discussed his memorabilia with the students to give them a deeper understanding of the subject.

Congratulations, Harry, for representing us all!
The photos were provided by Harry Strahlendorf,with thanks!