Sunday, May 29, 2003 • Memorial Day Services

Jim McCollum, Sue Smith, and Joyce Reynolds visiting the gravesite
of their Dad, Pvt. Clarence E. McCollum.


AWON group at the Hoensbroeck Castle for the Netherland America Institute
Limburg (NAIL) dinner. Front left to right: Sue Smith, Gerry Morenski, Nellie VanToer
(wife of adopter of PVT Clarence McCollum's grave), and Joyce Reynolds.
Second row left to right: Buddy Smith, Mark Smith, Henk Dederiks (representative
of the Railsplitters Organization and friend of the Reynolds), Hans van Toer
(has adopted Pvt. McCollum's grave), Randy McCollum, and Lloyd Reynolds.


During the Memorial Day Ceremony, Joyce Reynolds and an honor guard
walked with Ambassador Clifford M. Sobel and dignitaries to greet
and lay the wreath for the 84th Infantry Division (Railsplitters).


AWON sign in back of bus which transported the AWON group to Margraten
for the ceremony. Pictured with the bus are Buddy Smith, Henk Dideriks and Randy McCollum

The photos were provided by Joyce Reynolds, with thanks!