To provide a mechanism for establishment and oversight of an online system (the “ListServ”) through which the AWON membership can communicate and post messages related to the AWON Mission.

All AWON members in good standing are permitted to join the ListServ, if they choose. Participating members must agree to follow ListServ rules and guidelines. Those who habitually fail to follow the rules and guidelines will have all their messages sent to the Moderator before posting. The ListServ Liaison will be a member of the Board of Directors and will be the contact person between the ListServ and the Board. The ListServ will be contracted for and fully accountable to the AWON Board of Directors.

1. The ListServ will be provided by an online entity approved by the Board.
2. Members will be given instructions on how to sign up on the ListServ.
3. The ListServ will be passively moderated by a Moderator who will monitor messages for appropriateness.
4. Members who have a dispute with the operation of the ListServ or the Moderator will consult the ListServ Liaison.

ListServ Rules
1. The AWON ListServ will be a free list, with messages posted immediately and automatically without prior review by a Moderator.
2. Messages to the ListServ must pertain to AWON and its Mission.
3. Prohibited content includes political, religious and commercial material; obscenities and personal attacks.
4. Political material is defined as messages that give a viewpoint on a political candidate, party or policy; regardless of whether that candidate, party or policy is in office or enacted.
5. ListServ members will observe other individuals’ rights to privacy and all applicable U.S. laws, such as copyright.
6. Members are expected to follow widely accepted rules of e-mail etiquette.
7. Attachments, graphics, forwards, petitions and chain letters are prohibited.
8. E-mail addresses cannot be used for any purpose outside AWON without explicit consent of the email address owner.
9. Members who find postings objectionable are encouraged to contact the moderator rather than replying to the list.
10. Members who post inappropriate messages will be contacted by the Moderator who will send a standardized warning about the infraction. (See Exhibit A “ListServ Warning Message”).
11. ListServ members who habitually break ListServ rules will have their messages reviewed by the Moderator before posting.
12. ListServ instructions, rules and guidelines will be published periodically in The Star, and perpetually on the AWON website.

ListServ Warning Message (Exhibit A)

Dear AWON Member,

The message you posted to the AWON ListServ on (insert date and time, if multiple messages were sent) was inappropriate for the AWON ListServ because it violated ListServ rules or didn’t relate to the AWON Mission. This is just a reminder that messages containing political, religious, commercial, or divisive content, as defined in the AWON Policy and Procedure Manual and posted on the ListServ, are prohibited. Excessive violation of the ListServ rules may result in your future messages being moderated, or your ability to post messages denied. Thank you.

AWON Listserver Moderator

List Managers

To be logged on to the AWON listserver, you must contact one of the
following people:

Judy Hathaway– judy0305@yahoo.com
Judy Hoffman– jghoffman@satx.rr.com