Sunday, May 30, 2004


Jean Klein, Mother of AWONer Charlene Busby makes the cover
of the STYLE section of the Washington Post.

The Post's caption says: Jean Klein, 78, a war widow who lives north of Denver,
dances with Byron Logan, 77, from Hickory, N.C. Logan, who served in the
WWII Navy on the USS Murrelet, is a WWI enthusiast who is wearing an
authentic uniform from that war. Many strangers of the WWII generation
greeted one another like family.

The story itself described the dedication of the WWII Memorial this way:
"During patriotic songs, the veterans stood, saluting with quivering hands,
and tears on their cheeks. The section with the orphans waved hundreds of gold stars
the 60-year-old symbol of a family member killed in the war.
Others waived thousands of American flags."

Congratulations, Jean and Charlene!!
in memory of S/SGT Charles Franklin Kesey