December, 2005

John and Betty Crouch make the Aging Arkansas.

AWON member Betty Coburn Crouch, daughter of L.V. Coburn,
and her husband John, wed 50 years, tell their story, which included
mention of AWON. Below is the part of their story that involves AWON:

"Betty and John Crouch are seasoned travelers. They have visited many countries and most of our states. A highlight last year was their trip to Washington, DC, for the dedication of the World War II Memorial.

'The American WWII War Orphans Network (AWON) is very important to me,' says Betty, who joined in 2003. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, AWON was founded by Ann Bennett Mix, who influenced the decision to have the Wall of Stars added to the National Memorial.

At a regional gathering this fall in Branson, Missouri, AWON members added their fathers' photos to the Hall of Heroes there. These sons and daughters and other family members, left with a void after the war, shared stories of their fathers.

With several hundred members nationwide, AWON has an on-line computer network and are now able to get responses to questions from the government and receive records and medals.

'I recently found a friend that served with my dad,'Betty says. The Crouches plan to visit North Africa where Betty's father is buried."

Congratulations, Betty!
With thanks to Shirley McKinney, who gathered in and submitted the story,
in memory of Betty's Dad, L.V. Coburn.