Saturday, May 28, 2005

Lake Charles Park Cemetery and Mausoleum • St. Louis, MO

A service to honor PFC George T. Davis, 10th Mountain Division, 87th Infantry
3rd Battalion, who was killed in action in Po Valley, Italy April 15 1945,
organized by PFC Davis' Granddaughter, Tina Aden.

Tina Aden's aunts, Marian Serra and  Doris Crouch (daughters of PFC George T. Davis);
Mary Meyer and Tina M Aden (granddaughters) together for the first time. For Tina's aunts, it was
the first time for them to see their father's grave and the first time he was honored as their father.
Delores Davis and Yvonne Dirbyshire, also daughters of PFC Davis,
were unable to attend due to illness.


AWON member Shirley McKinney speaking at the Memorial Service.
For the full text of Shirley's comments, Click Here!


Tina Aden and family around the memorial table. Photographs on the table include
John Antilla, George Davis, and Captain Earl L. Jackson, Shirley McKinney's father.


John Anttilla, a man who had been in the 10th Mountain Division with Tina's grandfather,
and who relayed the true story (see below) of what happened to PFC Davis.
Mr. Anttila was found with the assistance of AWONER Norman Burkey,
(10th Mountain Division Descendants Chairman).

The Mantilla description, sent in mid-May, before the service.


Tina Aden at PFC George T. Davis' grave site telling her grandfather of her mother,
Georgia's, last wish, before she died, to find her real father.
He has now been found
and honored after 60 years.


The wreath presented by Shirley McKinney.


The marker for PFC George T. Davis.


The photos were provided by Tina M. Aden; the comments text was provided by Shirley McKinney,
with staging by Judy Geis Hoffman & many thanks to all!