Friday, June 15, 2007

Hobby Center • Houston, Texas • DRACULAW

Patty and Jerry Temte and Judy and Steve Hoffman drove from San Antonio to Houston while Sharon and Roger Connor flew in from San Diego to see Bonnie Hellums star in the Houston Bar Association's production of "Draculaw." The HBA's all-lawyer cast performs a musical review each year with all profits donated to worthy causes. Bonnie played "monster-in-law," a DRAINING role, in which she drew laughs rather than blood. Of course, the eight of us had a great time, and, at a dinner after the show, even found a new orphan.

Front Row:  Jerry Temte, Patty Temte, and Judy Hoffman
Back Row:   Bonnie's husband, Carel Stith, stage manager for DRACULAW

(yes he has makeup on his eyes -- but no fang marks were noticeable); Bonnie Hellums,
AWON's dignified veep; Roger Connor, Sharon Connor, Steve Hoffman


The Honorable Judge Bonnie Crane Hellums invited Sharon and Roger, while in Houston,
to sit in her court as she tried family-law cases and held drug court on Thursday, June 14.
Roger described her as firm, fair and compassionate and said he wanted her

as the judge when he gets in trouble.

Photos provided by Sharon: Photo #1 by innocent bystander; Photo #2
by court staff member. Text by Sharon and Judy