July 20, 2003

Twenty-four of our fathers (and two uncles) rest at Henri-Chapelle, Belgium. On July 20, 2003,
Regine and Bernard Achten-Villers of Liege took Sharon Crowley Edwards to visit them.



Henri-Chapelle Colonnade with Tablets of the Missing


Interior of the Henri-Chapelle Chapel


Saying hello to Dick Albani's uncle August Albani.


A rose each for 1LT John Peirson from his son, Rik Peirson,
and from his granddaughter, Lindsey Peirson.


With Frederick Villani, Régine's adopted godson


Bringing love to PFC Howard E. Merryman, from his daughter, Barbara Swenson


With Gloria Haslam's dad, PVT William George Gray,
who is Bernard's adopted godson.


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The photos were provided by Sharon Crowley Edwards, with thanks!