June 22, 2002

The first burial of an American Soldier in Belgium since 1954
has just happened at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
with the burial of THREE soldiers from the 99th Infantry.

This story and pictures come through Sharon Edwards . . .

Unloading by members of the 21st Theater Support Command,
V Corps, stationed in Germany
Through the Henri-Chapelle Collonnades
Seating for family and friends
PFC Kokotovich; PFC Beckwith; SGT Zimmerman
In Their Memory

Additional coverage: On Independence Day, 2002, Regine sent us,
through Sharon, the web address of another treatment of this service --
that includes a history of the 99th Infantry. Click here to go there.

Thanks to Sharon Edwards and Regine both for sending the digital pictures,
and for sharing this look into the continuing grace, dignity, and honor
afforded so many of our Fathers in overseas American cemeteries.