Tuesday, June 21 through June 26, 2005

The U.S. Veterans Friends, Luxembourg (USVFL), host a yearly tour for American veterans and their families – plus others like Vic Muller who had family buried there during the war. This year they also hosted an awards ceremony for the Chapel of the Four Chaplains. Thirty five people toured the country visiting at least two memorials per day.

Below, the group visited the small village of Goesdorf where there is a memorial for Private Alfred Etcheverry. Since the plaque is dedicated to the private and all WWII orphans, Vic presented a bouquet of flowers at the memorial. After the ceremony the village invited the group to their community center and provided an elaborate meal, including champagne.

Deputy Mayor of Goesdorf, Vic Muller, Mayor of Goesdorf. The man in the
brown suit with a mustache is Constant Goergen, the President of USVFL.
Also pictured are people from the tour group.


Plaque dedicated to Private Alfred Etcheverry, and all WWII orphans.


The second plaque on the monument shows a letter from private Etcheverry to his wife.

Private Etcheverry's monument and the flowers presented by Vic Muller."


This is the courtyard in which Private Etcheverry was killed in action. It is approximately 100 feet diagonally across the street from the memorial.

The photos were provided by Vic Muller, with thanks!