Saturday, October 16, 2004

Continuing the gathering at McClellend's Tavern . . .

Clockwise around the table from the back are Beryl Souders, Gail Eisenhauer,
Bill Buterbaugh, Dean Knudsen (our Guest Speaker from the Gettysburg Museum),
Jim Blackburn, and Ellen Jones Blackburn


Stewart (Rusty) Lerch, Jean and Jim Reid, new member Peggy Fedder,
Lynn Williams, and Lynne Lecrone


Jim Blackburn and Ellen Jones Blackburn, Tom (Schroeder) Souders,
Beryl Souders and Gail Eisenhauer


At the back table are Doug Cromarty and Jack Forgy. At the front table
are Lynne Lecrone, Lynn Williams, and Stewart (Rusty) Lerch. Somehow
not pictured at the gathering was Gloria Sciole, but she was with us, too!

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The event was organized by and the photos were provided by Janice Buterbaugh, with thanks!