Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The latest Gettysburg Bunch at McClellands Tavern in the Gettysburg Hotel.
Jackie Bernstein (a friend of Connie's), Connie Miller, Lynn Mann Williams,
Caroline Fuller Jackson, Lynne Lecrone, Carol Downs brooks, and Janice Buterbaugh


Jackie, Connie Miller, Lynn, Caroline, Carol, Lynne, and Janice


Janice Buterbaugh describes the meeting:

"Once again we met for lunch in Gettysburg at McClellands Tavern at the Gettysburg Hotel on the square on Tuesday, July 29th at 1:00 PM. With the rich history surrounding Gettysburg it is the perfect place for an AWON lunch. We even encountered a picture of a soldier and his wife during the World War 11 era in the room we were in. We wanted to know if anyone knew who they were, but when Carol Downs Brooks asked, no one seemed to know. This couple were with us during our lunch. Isn't that ironic . . . or is it?

"Maybe sometime we can do this on a Saturday, when we can spend more time and take the Battlefield Tour together, then have dinner. We, of course, did a lot of talking and visiting and getting to know two AWONers who were not with us the first time. They were Caroline Fuller Jackson from Dover, De. and Lynn Mann Williams from Demascus, Md. It was very nice to meet them and get to know a little about them. Also in attendance were Carol Downs Brooks, Glen Mills, Pa.; Lynne Lecrone, York, Pa.; Connie Miller, Medford, N.J.; Connie's friend, Jackie Bernstein, Medford, N.J.; and Janice Buterbaugh, Chambersburg, Pa. I might also add, there were those who wanted to come, but could not make it, and we missed all of you."

The photos were provided by Carol Downs Brooks, through Gail Brown, with thanks!