Wednesday, May 5, 2004

AWON Founder Ann Mix and AWON Member Lee Mathis
got an early look at the WWII Memorial (to be dedicated this month)
when they met Alexis Woodard of Fox News for an interview
arranged by Widmeyer Communications


A note from Ann Mix said this. . .

"Lee Mathis and I went with Marcus Snyder from Widmeyer today and were
interviewed by Alexis Woodard, a Producer from Fox News 5 at the Memorial.

Lee Mathis, Marcus Snyder, and Ann Bennett Mix at the new WWII Memorial.
The Lincoln Memorial is in the background.

"It was a wonderful experience being there and talking to them. They were great, just Alexis and
Dave the photographer. It will air Friday night in this area, we are supposed to be near the end.
I think she said 10:30 pm.

"We really, really had a great time. There were lots of people down there already."


Lee and Ann in front of the reflecting pool.


Alexis (Alicia Woodard), the producer, discusses the story with Annie.


Annie and Alexis in front of the Pacific Arch.


Alexis discusses the project with Lee Mathis.


Lee tells his story to Fox.


Ann and Lee enjoy a moment after their interviews in front of the Atlantic Arch.

Here's more of what Ann writes of her first look at the WWII Memorial. . .

"It was a different experience being there, something all the models I saw could not convey.

"As you can see from the photos, the water brings a special spiritual quality and a sense of renewal to the Memorial. The location was for me the most overpowering thing. Everyone who fought for that space for the Memorial deserves our gratitude. It is so right and such a place of honor standing between Lincoln and Washington.

"It was eerie being there at this time though. Once again we have been called to defend our way of life, are facing the creation of new orphans, devastated families, and new heroes. There were a lot of people there and I think the current situation was on the minds of everyone.

"I began to feel the power that the citizens are going to bring to that Memorial, the old and the young. I saw many strangers meeting and discussing World War II, veterans and others. I talked with a few myself and even ran into a couple from Berlin (interesting). I wanted to talk with them longer, but got pulled away. There will be people from many countries as well as our own, as time goes by. The people who come will be the living 'pulse' of the Memorial.

"Of course the Freedom Wall was a special site for me. I felt a deep sense of completion standing there. I came out here five years ago to bring AWON to the East Coast and to be here as the Memorial Dedication approached. Far sighted Board members sent me on my way with their blessings. Working together, our wonderful Board has made sure, as Patricia Gaffney Kindig puts it, that we will have 'a place at the table' at the dedication.

"I didn't accomplish everything I set out to do, but I am satisfied and ready to 'go home.' On July 1st I will once again be loading an ole yeller truck, and I will be heading home. This time home will be on the other side of the mountains, in Moses Lake, Washington.

"There are endings and beginnings. I am headed to a new beginning, and I am pointing due West. In a way, it has been a lonely experience out here and I am looking forward to being in the country I love once again and being reunited with old friends and family."

Thank you, Annie . . . for everything . . . In Their Memory.


The Fox News program will air in the Washington, D.C. area on Friday, May 6th
from 10:30 to 11:00PM. The story will be sent by Fox to all of their affiliates,
so watch for it in your neighborhood, coming soon.

The photos were shot by Marcus Snyder and provided by Stacey Finkel of
Widmeyer Communications, via Patricia Gaffney Kindig and Ann Mix, with thanks to all!