These men were our Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers and Uncles.

While so many gave some during World War II, these men gave all
for their country, for their families, and for the cause of freedom in the world.

On the pages that follow, and with a deep sense of pride,
we, their sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, nieces
and nephews, celebrate and honor the lives of these 200+ beloved men, forever young.

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ADAMS -- Lt. Claude Willard, Jr. USN
Air-Rescue, Philippine Islands
Killed on rescue mission 28 July, 1946, Mt. Halcon, Mindoro Island, Philippines (date probable)
Buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri, in common grave of 11-man aircrew
The Father of Richard Adams

ADAMS -- PVT William E.
9th I.D. 15th Engineer Bn. Co. C
Killed in Action 14 October 1944, Hurtgen Forest, Zweifall, Germany
Originally buried at Henri-Chapelle, now buried at Winchester Cemetery, Kentucky
The Grandfather of Ronald Gayle Burrus, Jr.

ALBRIGHT -- 1LT Harry Rudolph (Rudy)
Company A, 337th Infantry, 85th Division
Killed in Action 12 May, 1944, Minturno, Italy
Buried at Sicily-Rome Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy
The Father of Gail Albright Brown

ALLEE -- 1LT Donald W.
422nd Night Fighter Squadron, 9th Air Force, U.S. Army Air Corps
Killed in Action 19 December 1944, in Belgium
Buried at Henri-Chapelle Cemetery, Belgium
The Father of Donald W. Allee (Jr.)

ANNEAR -- S/SGT Lewis (Louie)
9th Infantry Division, 47th Infantry Regiment, 1st Bn., Co. A
Killed in Action 11 July 1944, La Caplainerie, near St. Lo, France
Originally buried at Ste. Mere Eglise, France; now buried at Richland Center, Wisconsin
The Uncle of Kaye Olson.

AUDINET -- T/5 Clifford Eugene
Hq. Battery, 532nd AAA-AWBn (1943-1945);
Hq. & Hq. Co., 2nd Battalion, 473rd Infantry Regiment (1945)
Killed in Action 26 April, 1945, Rapallo, Italy
Buried at Florence-American Cemetery and Memorial, Florence, Italy

BAKER -- SGT Elmer A.
Co. K., 262nd Infantry Regiment, 66th "Panther" Division
Lost 24 December 1944, S.S. Leopoldville, off Cherbourg, France
Buried at Riverview Cemetery, Jefferson City, MO
The Father of Sandra Joyce Baker Cardens

BALL -- 2LT Lewis S.
First Air Force, First Command, 113th AAF Base (Wing), D Squadron, Unit Combat Crew 193, Charleston, SC
Killed 20 June 44, somewhere between Nassau, Bahamas and Charleston, SC
Lost at Sea
The Father of Patricia Ball Morrison

Company L, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
Killed in Action 16 November, 1944 in Hurtgen, Germany
Buried at Ardennes American Cemetery, Belgium
The Father of Ken Barrett

BECKER -- 2LT LaVern Herbert (Vern)
20th Air Force, 678 Bomb Squadron, 444 Bomb Group
Killed in Action 7 December, 1944 near Mukden, Manchuria
Buried in Eastlawn Cemetery, Lake Orion, Michigan
The Father of Catherine Becker Light

BENNETT -- PVT Sydney Worthington
87th Mt. Infantry, 10th Mt. Division
Killed in Action 19 April, 1945 near Mongiorgio, Italy
Buried in Florence, Italy
The Father of Ann Bennett Mix
Sydney R. Bennett, and Thomas Allen Bennett

BIGGER -- PVT James Truett
U.S. Army, 43rd Division, 103rd Infantry, Company B
Killed in Action 29 February, 1945, Boso-Boso, Luzon, Philippine Islands
Buried in the Manila American Cemetery
The Father of Sherry Bigger Haxby

BLANTON -- SSGT Raymond 'Carlyle'
60th Inf. Reg., 9th Inf. Div.  Co. "C"
Missing in Action 14 Oct. '44 - Huertgen Forest, Vossenack Germany
Memorialized on Tablets of Missing, Margraten Cemetery, The Netherlands
The Uncle of Nancy Fraker

15th Army Air Corps 55th Bomb Wing
485th Bomb Group 828th Squadron Combat Crew 7
Died of war injuries 1-4-48, after 52 missions
Buried at Rock Island National Cemetery, IL
The Father of Terry Boettcher

BOWERS -- PFC Rex Merrill
Company C, 134th Infantry Regiment,
35th Infantry Division, 3rd Army
Killed in Action 25 January, 1945 near Weiswampach, Northern Luxembourg
Buried at Gem Cemetery, Burley, ID
The Father of Marilyn Bowers Jensen

BOZEMAN -- TECH5 Annon I. Bozeman
Cannon Company, 121st Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division
Killed in Action 28 February, 1945 near Blatzheim, Germany
Buried at Henri-Chapelle Military Cemetery, Eupen, Belgium
The Father of Annon Bozeman, Jr.

BREMER -- PVT Ludolf
Company L, 359th Infantry Regiment,
90th Infantry Division, 3rd Army
Killed in Action 29 November, 1944 near Mondorf, Germany
Buried in St. Avold, France
The Father of Paul C. Bremer

BRIGHAM -- CPL Robert W.
101st Airborne/502/HQ Reg
Wounded 22 Oct 44; Died: 23 Oct 44, Dodewaard, Holland
Buried in Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten Holland
The Father of Darla Brigham Brewer

8th Armored Division – Company A, 80th Tank Battalion
Killed in Action 31 March, 1945
Buried at Margraten, Netherlands
The Father of Bruce Brodowski

BROOKS -- 1LT Glenn U.
327th Bomber Squadron, 92nd Bomber Group, Heavy, 8th AF
Killed in Action 22 March, 1943
Buried at Cambridge American Cemetery, England
The Father of Jeanne Brooks Rhinehart

BROOMFIELD -- SGT George March
“C” Co. 1st Bn. 7th Reg.
1st. Div. F.M.F.
C/O F.P.O. San Francisco, CA

Buried at Fairview Cemetery in La Junta, Colorado in 1949
The Father of Don Sarton

U.S. Army Medical Corps
Died in the Line of Duty 9 April 1942 at Camp Grant, Illinois
Buried at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
The Father of Lois Brown Klein

BROWN -- PFC John Riley
12th Cavalry
Killed in Action 9 March, 1945 near Luzon, Manila, in the Philippines
Buried at Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, MN
The Father of Nancy Sue Johnson

BURKEY -- PVT Norman Leroy
Company C, 85th Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, 5th Army, IV Corps, 15th Army Group
Killed in Action 12 March, 1945, Mt.Della Spe, near Castel d' Aino, Italy
Burial information to come
The Father of Norman, David, and Anne Burkey

BURTNETT -- SGT Francis E.
1st Army, 9th Infantry, 2nd Division
Killed in Action 20 February, 1945, Bronsfield, Germany
Buried at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Plot D, Row 10, Grave 14
The Father of Frank Burtnett and James Burtnett

BUSH -- PVT Gilbert M.
175th Infantry Co M., 313th Infantry Co H and 313th Anti Tank
Died 8 May, 1945, Unna, Germany
Buried at Margraten Military Cemetery, Plot M - Row 8 - Grave 10
The Father of Angela Bridget Christian

CAINE -- PFC Robert Cole
329 Infantry, Co L, 83rd Infantry Division
Killed in Action 12 August, 1944, at St. Malo, France
Buried at Beverly National Cemetery, Beverly, NJ
The Father of Clarence Willard Caine (Now Lyndal Ware Kellogg)

CANNON -- Chief Aviation Pilot Houston R.
PBY Squadron V-43
Missing in Action 25 August, 1942, in the Aleutians
Lost at Sea
The Father of Jerry Cannon

CERVANTES -- 2LT Francis Ildelfonso
859th BS, 15th Special Group (Provisional), 15th AF
Killed in Action 9 February, 1945 near Jablanac, Yugoslavia (present day Croatia)
Buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
The Father of Frank David Cervantes, M.D.

CERVENAK -- S1c Albert M.
Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Bunker Hill (CV17)
Killed in Action 11 May, 1945, offshore, at the Battle of Okinawa
Buried at Sea
The Father of Pat Cervenak Albani

CHEFF -- CAPT Donald Walker
HQ 302nd Medical Battalion, 77th Infantry Division
Killed in Action 16 April, 1945, Ie Shima (Okinawa)
Buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
The Father of Theodore Cheff Krismann and Roberta Cheff Brooks

3rd Army, 5th Division, 10th Infantry Regiment, C Company
Killed in Action 28 Jan, 1945, at Putscheid, Luxembourg
Buried at Hamm, Luxembourg
The Father of Sandra Chichilla MacDuffee

CLAWSON -- S/SGT Harry Allen
H Co., 3rd. Bn., 506th. PIR, 101st. Airborne
Killed in Action 6 October, 1945, at Opheusden, The Netherlands (MIA 1944 - 1971)
Buried at Safford, Arizona
The Father of Ronald Clawson, Sharon Clawson Porter, & Rodney Clawson

9th Division, 47th Infantry, Co. G.
Killed in Action 6 October, 1945 North Africa Campaign in Tunisia
Buried at the U.S. Military Cemetery at Carthage, Tunisia
The Father of Betty Jane Coburn Crouch

CONNOR -- PVT George Roger
Company B, 9th Armored Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division, 3rd US Army
Killed in Action 4 January, 1945, near Wardin, Belgium (5 miles E. of Bastogne)
Buried in the US Military Cemetery, Hamm, Luxembourg
The Father of Roger McKee Connor

CONWAY -- CPL David Leonard
38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division, Company C
Killed in Action 4/14/45, Weissenfels, Germany
Buried at American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland
The Father of Geraldine Conway Morenski

COX -- PVT Carl, Sr.
Company I, 3rd Division, 15th Infantry
Killed in Action 1 February, 1945, in the Colmar Pocket
Buried at the Epinal American Military Cemetery, Epinal, France
The Father of Janice G. Cox Proffitt

CRANDELL -- 1LT Leonard J.
8th Air Force, 44th Bomb Group, 67th Bomber Squadron
Killed in Action 24 March, 1944, near Wesel, Germany
Buried at the Nwetherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland
The Father of Janice Crandell Powers

CRICK -- PFC Jewell F.
43rd Division, 103rd Infantry Regiment, Co. G.
Killed in Action 16 May, 1945, Luzon Island, Philippines
Temporarily buried in Manila #2, now buried in Salem Cemetery, Nortonville, KY
The Father of Bonnie Crick Oates

CROUGH -- PVT Vincent Leo
Co. C, 83rd Armd Rcn Bn, 32nd Armd Regt, 3rd Armd Div., 1st Army
Killed in Action 27 February, 1945, near Grouven, Germany
Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Syracuse, NY
The Father of Daniel F. Crough

CROWLEY -- SGT William Edward
13th AF, 307th BG, 372nd BS
Killed in Action 15 July, 1944, near Yap Island in the Pacific
Memorialized in the Tablets of the Missing, Manila,
and at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego
The Father of Sharon Crowley Connor

CULLEN -- 1LT Myles (Jim) B.
109th Infantry, 28th Division (Keystone)
Killed in Action 2 February, 1945, Colmar, France
Final Burial July 27, 1948, Long Island National Cemetery, grave 7956, Section H
The Father of Susan Cullen Schwartz

DAVIS -- PFC George T.
(America's Elite) 10th Mountain Division, 87th Infantry HQ, 3d Battalion
Killed in Action 19 April, 1945, at Badia di Sopra, Po Valley, Italy
Buried in Lake Charles Park Cemetery and Mausoleum in St. Louis, MO
The Grandfather of Tina M. Aden

DeGarmo -- 1LT Melvin Guy
10th Air Corps, 3rd Combat Cargo Squadron, 1st Combat Cargo Group
MIA, KIA? 8 November, 1944 somewhere over Burma
Memorialized in The Tablets of the Missing in Manila, Philippines
The Father of Michal (Mickie) DeGarmo Hansen

DEMPSEY -- SSGT Harvey J., Jr.
315th BW, 502nd BG, 402 BS, United States Army Air Corps
Killed in Action 25/26 July, at Kawasaki, Japan
Buried at the National Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI
The Father of Penelope Patricia Dempsey Yazzie

First Army, 4th Division, 8th Infantry Regiment, Company "F"
Killed in Action 25 November, 1944, Battle of the Hürtgen Forest, near Schevenhüte, Germany
Buried in Plot C, Row 5, Grave 35, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium
The Father of Robert A. Divine Wasmer

DOHERTY -- PFC Francis Henry (Bud)
Company L, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, 7th Army
Killed in Action 29 March, 1945, near Aschaffenburg, Germany
Buried in Lorraine American Cemetery, St Avold, France
The Father of Edward J. Doherty

Anti-Tank Company, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Killed in Action 16 August, 1944
Buried in Tuscola, IL
The Father of Dolores "Kay" Donley

DONOHUE -- PVT John Patrick
30th Division, 119th Infantry, Co. G
Killed in Action 19 November, 1944, near Eygelshoven, Germany
Buried at Margraten, Netherlands
The Father of Kathleen Donohue Mayerski

DOUGLASS -- PFC Charles Arthur "Chick"
Third Army, 4th Armored Div., 53rd AIB, CO B, 3rd Platoon
Killed in Action 31 March, 1945, near Vacha, Germany
Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, East Sumner, Maine
The Father of Judith Laura Douglass Nowak

DOWNING -- PFC D.F. "Mort"
19th Infantry, 24th Division, 1st. Bn., Co. C, Third Platoon, 4th. Squad
Killed in Action 13 June, 1945, Mandog Hill, Mindanao, Philippines
Buried in the American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines
The Father of Doris Downing Miller

DRAKE -- SGT Dallis A.
Company B, 82nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Armored Division
Killed in Action 27 July, 1944, outside of Quibou France
Buried at the Normandy American Cemetery
The Father of Laura Deanna Drake Taylor

DUKE -- PVT James Dotson
First Army, 1st Division, 16th Infantry, Co. "G"
Killed in Action 20 November, 1944, Aachen, Germany
Buried at Elmwood Cemetery, in Birmingham, Alabama
The Father of Jamie and Madelyn Duke

EAST -- MAJ Joe Clifton
91st Coast Artillery Regiment (Philippine Scouts)
Buried at Sea 15 January, 1945
Somewhere off Formosa
The Father of Sue East Webster

ECKARD -- PFC Franklin Glenn, Sr.
Co. A, 317th Inf. 80th Div.
Killed in Action 28 November, Farebersviller, France
Buried in Icard, North Carolina
The Father of Frank Eckard

EDMANDS -- LTCMDR Allan Christie "Ace"
Skipper, Torpedo Squadron 5 (VT5) of Task Force 58.2
Killed in Action 19 March 1945 on the carrier U.S.S. Franklin, off the coast of Japan
Buried at Sea
The Father of Mary Christine Edmands Barrett, Allan Christie Edmands, Jr., and Anna Jane ("Janna") Hawes Yarnot

Company C, 25th Arm. Engineer Battalion APO 256, 6th Armored Division, Combat Command "B"

Killed in Action 13 April 1945, Zeitz, Germany
Originally buried in US Military Cemetery in Eisenach, Germany; moved to Margraten, Holland

He was brought home to Magnolia, Kentucky in 1949
The Father of Jorene Elkins Garrison and Robert Jones Elkins

ELLIOTT -- CPL Franklin Maynard "Bud"
Company A, 741st Tank Battalion
Killed in Action 6 June, 1944 on Omaha Beach
Buried in Normandy American Cemetery, St. Laurent/Colleville-sur-Mer, France, Grave 1, Section L, Row 16
The Father of Rondy Elliott

FAILER -- RM2C Vernon
PBY part of Asiatic Pat Wing 101, 8-man crew on patrol
Missing in Action 24 February, 1942 Makassar Harbor, Philippines
Memorialized on the Wall of the Missing, Manila American Cemetery
The Father of Joan Failer Ritchie

120th Regiment., 30th Infantry Division ("Workhorse of the Western Front"), 3rd Army
Killed in Action 22 October, 1944, Germany
Buried at American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland
The Father of Joe Farris, Phillip Farris, and Linda Farris Razook

FINCH -- 2LT David Baird
17th Inf 7th Div
Killed in Action 13 November, 1944 on Leyete, Philippines
Buried in the Manila American Cemetery
The Father of Baird (Barry) Otis Barr

FISH -- Capt. Doit L.
Marine Bomber Squadron VMB 611, Marine Air Group 32, 1st Marine Air Wing
Missing in Action 30 May 1945 near Davao, Mindanao, Philippine Islands; Found November, 1956
Buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Colorado
The Father of David L. Fish

FORSTER -- PFC Richard L.
Co H, 2nd Bat., 317th Inf. Reg., 80th Division (Patton’s Trouble Shooters)
Killed in Action 21 January, 1945 at the Sure River Bridge, Bourscheid, Luxembourg
Buried in Luxembourg American Cemetery
The Father of Ronald, Marsha and James Forster

FRANCIS -- 2LT George Riley
1st BN, HQ Co., 104th Regiment, 26th ID (Yankee Division), 3rd Army
Killed in Action 17 November 1944 near Benestroff, France
Buried in Lorraine American Cemetery, St Avold, France
The Father of Barbara Francis Kelly

FRINKS -- PVT Charles O. (Charlie)
44th Cavalry Mechanized Recon Squadron
Killed in Action 17 April, 1945 in Salzwedel, Germany
Buried in Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland
The Father of Charles Purvis Frinks and Jean Frinks Reid

GAFFNEY -- 2LT George Philip, Jr.
35th Fighter Group, 41st Fighter Squadron
Missing in Action 11 March, 1944 in New Guinea; Found 26 June, 1998
Buried June 9th, 1999 at Arlington National Cemetery
The Father of Patricia Gaffney Kindig

GALLOWAY -- TEC 5 Orville C.
300th Engineers Combat Battalion
Missing in Action 16 June, 1944 in the English Channel
Memorialized in the Tablets of the Missing, Cambridge Cemetery, England
The Father of Doris Galloway Hutso

GEORGE -- CPT Malcolm L.
A.S. No. 0-305845, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
Killed in Action 7 June, 1944, Utah Beach
Buried in Plot F, Row 2, Grave 44 at St. Laurent, Normandy American Cemetery
The Father of Barbara George

GEIS -- S/SGT Daniel Raymond.
15th Field Artillery, Observation Battalion, Battery B
Died 24 December, 1943, Picilli, Italy

Buried at Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, NY
The Father of Judy Geis Hoffman

GRAFF -- S1c Kenneth Eugene
Light Cruiser USS Helena CL50
KIA, Remains Not Recovered, 6 July, 1943, Kula Gulf, British Solomon Islands

Memorialized Manila American Cemetery and Leavenworth National Cemetery, Kansas
The Father of Doug Graff Comella

GRAHAM -- 2LT Max Kenneth
8th Air Force, 353rd Fighter Group, 350th Fighter Squadron
KIA 13 August, 1944, St. Germaine Des Grois, France

Buried in Dallas, Texas
The Father of Maxine Olson

GRAY -- PFC Harry C.
54th Infantry Battalion, 10th Armored Division, 3rd Army
Killed in Action 20 March, 1945, Landau, Germany
Buried Plot H Row 6 Grave 87, Luxembourg American Cemetery
The Father of Elizabeth (Betty) Gray Hendricks

GWIN -- PFC Ervin L.
First Army, 28th Infantry, Company L
Killed in Action 11 April, 1945, near Meinerzhagen, Germany
Buried at Margraten; later returned to Greenlawn Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri
The Father of Bonnie (Gwin) Cooper

HALVERSON -- 1LT Kenneth Vernon Halverson
U.S. Army Air Corps
Killed in Action 7 November, 1944, on Mount Tournette, France
Buried at Elk Point Cemetery, Elk Point, South Dakota
The Father of Barbara Halverson Henry

HAMILTON -- CPL Victor Winston
420th AAF 320th Wing, T/SQD
Killed 11 May, 1945, Mendocino, CA
Buried at the Evergreen Cemetery Hillside, New Jersey
The Grandfather of Trisha Hamilton-Leo

HAPP -- 1LT Lee Morris, Jr.
Fourth Marine Division, 24th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Headquarters Company
Killed in Action between 19-28 June 1944, Saipan Island, Marianas Group, South Pacific
Buried at the National Cemetery, Hawaii
The Father of Olivia Tatum Pope Happ Pendleton Young

HARDING -- 1LT Robert Joseph, Sr.
Company D, 1st BN, 115th Infantry, 29th Infantry Division
Wounded in Action 5 August 1944, died 6 August 1944 at St. Martin de Tallevende, Normandy, France
Buried at Pinelawn National Cemetery, Long Island, NY
The Father of Robert J. Harding, Jr.

HARDY -- CPT James Howard
106th Infantry Division, 423rd Regiment, M Company, The Golden Lions
KIA 19 December 1944 in the Schnee-Eifel area of the Ardennes
Buried at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Belgium
The Father of Diane Hardy Pollard

HAZEL -- 1LT Richard Lane
U.S. Army Infantry
Missing in Action June 1944, reclassified Killed in Action as of June, 1945
near the Hengyang Airbase in Eastern China
Remembered on the Tablets of the Missing, Manila American Cemetery, Philippine Islands
The Father of George Evans Hazel

HEATH -- PFC Elmer B.
47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division
KIA 9 March 1945 at Bruchhausen, Germany
Buried at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium, Plot D, Row 12, Grave 40
The Father of Helen Heath Vernon and Nancy Heath Lawson

HEWITT -- PFC Alvin Merle
415th Infantry, Timberwolf Division, Company K
KIA 24 March 1945 at Brungsberg, Germany
Buried in Nowata Memorial Cemetery, Nowata, OK
The Father of Charli Greenlees (Charlotte Merlene Hewitt) and Elizabeth Arlene (Hewitt) York

HIGGINS -- PFC George Francis
358th Inf, 90th Division
Killed in Action 16 March, 1945 near Halsenbach, Germany
Buried at the Luxembourg Cemetery
The Father of George "Pete" Higgins, Jr.

HILL -- PFC Joseph Fletcher
101st Airborne, 502 HQ Regt. Demolitions
Killed in Action 22 October, 1944 near Dodewaard, Holland
Buried at Netherland American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands
Reburied April 30, 2001, Graceland Memorial Gardens, Milford, Ohio, U.S.A,
The Father of Bobbie Hill Mues

Battery Commander, HQ Battery, 561st Field Artillery Battalion
Killed in Action 13 April, 1945 near Klotz, Germany
Buried at the American Military Cemetery, Margraten, Holland
The Father of Bob Holliday

HOPKINS -- 1LT Charles E., Jr.
7th AF, 11BG, 98BS
Missing in Action 20 January, 1944 in a B-24 in the South Pacific; declared KIA 1948
Memorialized on the Walls of the Missing at the Punch Bowl in Honolulu, HA
The Father of Penny Sue Hopkins LeGrand

HOUSE -- 1LT Alton L.
6th. Armored Division, Troop C, 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized
Killed in Action 5 August, 1944, in Brittany
Buried at the Brittany Military Cemetery, St. James, France
The Father of Chari L. House

HOWE -- CPL John Sylvester
30th Infantry Division, 119th Infantry Regiment, Company C
Killed in Action 12 July, 1944, Pont Hebert, France
Buried at the Normandy American Cemetery (F-15-25)
The Father of Annis "Dale" Howe Sisco

HUBBARD -- PVT Melvin T.
194th Field Artillery BN, Battery C
Died 9 October, 1946
Buried at Mount Tabor Churchyard, Florence, Alabama
The Father of Ruth Hubbard Malone

HUSTON -- S/SGT William Howard
185th Field Artillery Recon Co. 611th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Died 7 October, 1942
Buried at Cedar Memorial Park, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The Father of Sherrie Clark

ISRAEL -- SGT Robert (Rudy)
1st Division, 16th Infantry Regiment, Company G
KIA 23 February, 1945, in the Kasserine Pass
Buried in New York
The Father of Sheila Israel Lobel

84th Infantry Division, 334th Infantry Regiment, Co C
KIA 23 February, 1945 near the Roer River, Germany
Originally buried at Margraten; now buried in Makanda, Illinois
The Father of Shirley Jackson McKinney

JOHNSON -- 2LT David Selby
782nd Tank Battalion, 3rd Army
KIA 12 April, 1945
Luxembourg Memorial, BNR
The Father of Susan Johnson Hadler

JOHNSON -- PVT Homer Carroll
Co. H, 54th Bn, 169th Infantry Regiment, 43rd Infantry Division
KIA 13 May, Mothers Day, 1945
Buried at Portales, NM
The Father of Carroll Jean Johnson Curry, Donna Fay Johnson, and Thomas Lee Johnson

JOHNSTON -- 1LT Gerald Winston Johnston
B-17 Pilot, 8th Air Force, 390th Bomb Group, 568th Bomb Squadron
KIA 14 January 1945; crashed at Garlitz, Germany
Buried at National Military Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama
The Father of Wayne Clinton Johnston

JONES -- LCDR Ralph M.
Commanding Officer, Composite Squadron 65, USS St. Lô
MIA 25 October, 1944; in the Battle Off Samar
Memorialized Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego
The Father of Ralph N. Jones

JONES -- CPL William Kermit
9th Air Force, 409th Bomb Group, 642nd Bomb Sqdn
KIA 23 January, 1945; Crashed at Stolzembourg, Luxembourg
Buried at American Cemetery, Hamm
The Father of Elizabeth Ellen Jones

JORDAN -- PFC Joseph James
346th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division
KIA 3 March, 1945; Ormont, Germany
Originally buried at Luxembourg; Reburied in Arlington National Cemetery
The Father of M. Elizabeth Galligan

KAUFMAN -- CPL Perlee McKinley, Jr.
8th Infantry Division, 13th Regiment, Company L
KIA 22 December, 1944; Bergstein, Germany
Buried until 1948 at Margraten; now buried in Newman Cemetery, Massillon, Ohio
The Father of David L. Kaufman

KINDIG -- MAJ Earl Robert
Field Artillery, Regular Army
Commanding Officer, 121st Field Artillery BN, 32nd Infantry Division
MIA 7 February, 1944, Saidor, New Guinea
Remains recovered and interred at Arlington National Cemetery, 30 October, 2001
The Father of Michael Robert Kindig

KING -- SGT Fred E.
Company "H," 41st Armored Infantry, 2nd Armored (Hell on Wheels) Division
Killed in Action 19 November, 1944, in Puffendorf, Germany
Buried at the Netherlands American Military Cemetery (Margraten)
The Father of Frank Lemual King

KINGERY -- PVT Morris Harold
41st Armd Inf 2nd Armored (Hell on Wheels) Division Co G 3rd BN
Killed in Action 27 November 1944, Merzenhausen, Germany
Buried at the Netherlands American Military Cemetery (Margraten)
The Father of Carla Kingery Holcomb

LANE -- MAJ Robert A.
S-2, Intelligence, Combat Command B, 2nd Armored Division
Killed in Action 23 August, 1944, Conche, France (Normandy)
Buried at the American Normandy Cemetery
The Father of Sandra Lane Walker

462nd Parachute Field Artillery Batallion A, 503rd Regimental Combat Team
Killed in Action 26 February, 1945, on Corregidor
Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Niles, Michigan
The Father of Dolane Larson

LeCOMPTE -- F/O Howard E. LeCompte, Jr.
8th AAF, 306th Bomb Group, 367th Bomb Squadron
Killed in Action April 14, 1945, on the Isle of Man
Buried at the Oak Lawn Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
The Father of Sylvia Ann LeCompte Torbett; Grandfather of Kim A. Sumek

LE COMTE -- S/SGT George J.
B-24 Tail Gunner, 8th and 15th Air Forces
Killed in Action December 11, 1944, over Vienna, Austria
Buried at Rock Island National Cemetery, Northwestern Illinois
The Grandfather of Kathy Le Comte Lupton

LEIST -- S/SGT Leroy Ernest "Babe"
418th Squadron, 100th Bomber Group, 8th AF
Missing in action, 4 February, 1944, Walcheron Island, Holland
Memorialized on the Tablets of the Missing, Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten Holland
The Father of Adrian Leist Caldwell

LINK -- PFC Leonard L.
Co. A, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th (Ivy) Division, First Army
Killed in action, 20 January, 1945, in Luxembourg, Battle of the Bulge
Buried in West Grove Cemetery, Forreston, IL
The Father of Leonard, Jr., and Robert Link

LINNE -- SGT Walter John
14th Armored Division, 47th Tank Battalion, B Company, B-11
Killed in Action 24 March, 1945, near Germersheim on the Rhine, Germany
Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
The Father of Walter Paul Linne and John George Linne

Company E., 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division
Killed in Action 8 January, 1945, at Cielle, Belgium
Buried at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
The Father of Joe Lippi

LOBDELL -- 2LT Kenneth Cameron
Army Air Corps, 99th Bomb Squad, 9th Bombardment Group
Killed in Action 30 March, 1945, Tinian Island, Marianas, South Pacific
Buried in Hartland, VT
The Father of Joy Wallace

LOVE -- PVT Ismael Mansfield, Jr.
First Army, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division
First Missing, then Killed in Action 17 January, 1945, in the Ardennes
Buried in Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium
The Father of Bertie Joyce Love Crosslin

LYONS -- 1LT James O'Boyle
106th Infantry Division (The "Golden Lions")
, 423rd Regiment, Company M
MIA/POW Battle of the Bulge, 21 Dec., 1944 - 16 Apr., 1945; Died 15 May, 1945
Buried at St. Peter's Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ
The Father of James E. Lyons and Roberta Lyons Nolan


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Remembering PVT John Riley Brown, KIA 9 March '45 with heartfelt thanks,
as his daughter, Nancy Sue Brown Johnson, has staged AWON Tributes on this page since 2003.