Here's how to prepare and submit EVENTS for the
AWON Website . . . in eight easy steps . . .

1. Review several treatments on other AWON Events to get a feeling for the formats involved. We'll cover any special event that you send -- especially grave, memorial, or museum visits. If it's a meeting of sibs, please understand that we need to ask for three AWONers or more to qualify for a treatment.

2. In preparing your materials for submission, please NAME your event, and in a cover note, include this name, along with the LOCATION and DATE(S) of your event.

3. In preparing photos in digital form, please NUMBER your photos and submit at 72 dpi, and at a size of 475 pixels wide (for horizontals) and 360 pixels wide (for verticals).

4. If you can't scan and size these photos yourself, any Kinko's or service bureau can scan them for you. E-Mail these as attachments to Judy Geis Hoffman -- our Events Page Stager -- whose address is below, and she will size them for you.

Please send only the BEST photos, and only enough to tell the story of the event. Typically, 2-3 photos are enough for a single treatment.

For larger events (where several people may be taking photos), please designate a photo "coordinator" -- who will "pre-stage" the treatment -- collecting and pre-sorting Photos and Captions before sending them on to the Events Page Stager.

5. Caption information MUST be submitted with each picture:

A. Be sure your captions are complete, and that your Caption Numbers match your Photo Numbers.
B. Include the PLACE the photo was taken, the DATE the photo was taken, and the NAMES of the people in each photo, left to right (with names spelled correctly, please!), and any additional information you feel may be relevant to the photo.
C. Note that treatments will be done ONLY when photos are properly submitted, and when captions are easily matched to the photos.

6. Please send Photos and Captions to the Events Page Stager, Judy Hoffman . . .

Click Here to Submit!

7. If you are unable to scan and prepare photos -- and if there is no Kinko's or service bureau nearby, our Stager will prepare them for you (as volunteer time allows). Please snailmail them to:

Judith Hoffman
3727 Morgans Creek
San Antonio, Tx. 78230

8. Photos sent to Judy's snailmail address must be accompanied by the same information as described in #5 above. The photos will be scanned, sized, captions
matched and sent on to the webmaster for posting. If you wish to have the photos returned, please include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope and a request to return the photos.

Questions may be:

E-Mailed to
or Called to: 210/492-0827

Please remember that we're all volunteers. You can help us by preparing your Photos and Captions to the specs above. Then just be patient as we prepare and install the treatment. We'll notify you when it's complete and installed!

AWON is proud to remember S/SGT Daniel Raymond Geis, who died on 12/21/43 in Italy.