The heart and soul of AWON can be seen in our national and regional events.

Seattle National Conference 1995 -- Click Here
Washington, D.C. National Conference 1996 (No pictures)
St Louis National Conference 1998 -- Click Here

San Diego National Conference 2000 -- Click Here
WWII Memorial Groundbreaking 2000 -- Click Here
Branson National Conference 2002 -- Click Here
Washington D.C. National Conference 2004 -- Click Here
San Antonio National Conference 2006 -- Click Here

Tucson National Conference 2008 -- Click Here
Annapolis National Conference 2010 -- Click Here

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Washington, D.C. Meeting (12/91) -- Click Here

Bay Area Meeting (2/21/99) -- Click Here
Washington, D.C. Meeting (5/31/99) -- Click Here
A Mini Missoula meeting in June, and a more recent meeting in Oklahoma City -- Click Here
A NYC Dinner and an East Hampton, Mass. Luncheon (Both in August '99) -- Click Here
Annie & the Big Yellow Truck hit Missoula (September '99) -- Click Here
The AWON move -- Bellingham to Fredericksburg (August and September '99) -- Click Here
San Francisco -- Elaine Danks visits the U.S.S. Hornet (October '99) -- Click Here
The TODAY Show Group (November 10, '99) -- Click Here
The Fredericksburg HQ Open House (November 14, '99) -- Click Here
A Phoenix Luncheon (November '99) -- Click Here
A NYC Birthday Dinner (November '99) -- Click Here
The Rainbow Room in NYC (November '99) -- Click Here
Texas Orphans gathering (November '99) -- Click Here

The Myrtle Beach Crew (January '00) -- Click Here
The PFC Orville L. Cupp Medals Ceremony (January 21, '00) -- Click Here
Ann Mix in Recovery in Fredericksburg and Staunton (March and April, '00) -- Click Here
The Calverton, Maryland Meeting (April, '00) -- Click Here
Chickie Shields Berry and Dianne Baczynski in Napa (May, '00)-- Click Here
Donna Pile marries Richard Allen (May 20, '00)-- Click Here
Jamie Duke Keith & Friends at Fort Clinch (Memorial Day Weekend, '00)-- Click Here
The Tucson Bunch (Memorial Day Weekend, '00)-- Click Here
The 1LT James F. Nichols, Jr. Memorial Service (May 31, '00) -- Click Here
Paula Evans Baker and Jerry Baker finally meet in OK (June 2, '00) -- Click Here
The Temtes visit the Holcombs (June 15, '00) -- Click Here
Ed & Pat Peters meet Nancy Sue Johnson in Missoula (July 22, '00) -- Click Here
North Carolina meets South Carolina in McAdenville (September 17, '00) -- Click Here
Three orphans meet in Orlando (October 7, '00) -- Click Here
Ann and Larry O'Connor visit Ann's Father's B-25 memorial in France(November, '00) -- Click Here

Gisela and Jerry Baker show how they take AWON wherever they go. (January 14, '01) -- Click Here
Patty Temte and Judy Hoffman meet new member Kay Avritt in San Antonio. (March 2, '01) -- Click Here
Paula Baker meets the Last Comanche Code-Talker: Charles Chibitty (March 13, '01) -- Click Here
The Silver Star Citation for 1LT Gerard Flannick, thanks to Jack Forgy (April 13, '01) -- Click Here
Pat and Dick Albani visit Henri-Chapelle in Belgium (April 21, '01) -- Click Here
Pat and Dick Albani visit the Bridge at Remagen (April, '01) -- Click Here
A NC/SC/TN contingent meet at the Fort Bragg Officers Club (May 6, '01) -- Click Here
Rik & Dianna Peirson visit the B-17 Sentimental Journey (May 21, '01) -- Click Here
A Memorial Day Note -- a sentiment shared by Jack Langston (May 29, '01) -- Click Here
Several AWONers witness the dedication in Bedford, VA of the D-Day Memorial (June 6, '01) -- Click Here
Bobbi Leonard & Grandson Trey visit the Tennessee "Merci" Boxcar (June 9, '01) -- Click Here
The now-famous Cavanaugh Deck Pary at Point Pleasant, N.J. (June 16, '01) -- Click Here
The Meltzer/Durkee/Tannenbaum/Leo series on the Greatest Generation (July 13, '01) -- Click Here
Pat and Dick Albani host a Potluck Luncheon in New Mexico (July 20, '01) -- Click Here
Northern California AWONers meet at the Berkeley Radisson (July 29, '01) -- Click Here
North Carolina and Tennessee AWONers meet at the Wheelers in Blowing Rock, NC (August 5, '01) -- Click Here
Nine AWONers, family & friends meet at Jumer's in Peoria (August 18, '01) -- Click Here
Mary Ann Otte meets her very first sibs in San Antonio (August 25, '01) -- Click Here
Brigitt Caito and her Mother visit a Memorial for her Father in Coldwater, Ohio (August, '01) -- Click Here
Gary Shields & Diane Baczynski at Hampton, VA for the 24th Infantry Reunion (September, '01) -- Click Here
Salute to the Winston Churchill by the Lutgens after the 9/11 attacks (Mid September, '01) -- Click Here
John Whitehurst meets his very first sibs in San Antonio (October 9, '01) -- Click Here
Major Earl R. Kindig is interred at Arlington National Cemetery (October 30, '01) -- Click Here
Bill Chiodo gathers 20 sibs and their families in Westerly, RI (November 3, '01) -- Click Here
Harry Strahlendorf's talk to a local Elementary School Assembly (November 11, '01) -- Click Here
Six AWONers visit the Arizona "Merci" Boxcar in Scottsdale, AZ (November '01) -- Click Here

Nine AWONers met at the Harrisburg, PA Holiday Inn (March 16, '02) -- Click Here
AWONers Edwards, Fleming, and Peirson met at the Chart House in San Diego (March 17, '02) -- Click Here
AWONers Ed Peters and Donna Allen place a wreath for the Screaming Eagles! (May 26, '02) -- Click Here
AWONers Edwards and Smith place an arrangement at Rosecrans, representing AWON (May 27, '02) -- Click Here
Several AWONers meet at Arlington on Memorial Day to place a wreath for our Fathers (May 27, '02) -- Click Here
Barbara Kelly hosts "Hoosier Hospitality in the Heartland" in Indianapolis (May 27, '02) -- Click Here
Terry Boettcher attends the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks (June 3-7, '02) -- Click Here
AWON is well represented at the Reading Air Show's WWII Weekend (June 7-9, '02) -- Click Here
The first burial of an American Soldier in Belgium since 1954 (June 22, '02) -- Click Here
A Memorial is dedicated to Henry I. Tannenbaum and the 83rd Infantry (June 22, '02) -- Click Here
Nancy Switzer Bartlett accepts her Fathers Medals in Keokuk, Iowa (July 1, '02) -- Click Here
Betty and Vamik Volkan visit Grandchild #1 in California (July 14, '02) -- Click Here
Adrian Leist Caldwell speaks to a reunion of the 8th AF in Tupelo, MS (October 14, '02) -- Click Here
Sharon Crowley Edwards visits her Father's marker at Rosecrans for the first time (November 15, '02) -- Click Here
Pat Dwyer visits the airfield at Tinian, Saipan, where his Father was killed (November 16, '02) -- Click Here
Twenty three AWONers remember the 1st day of the Battle of the Bulge (December 16, '02) -- Click Here
Barbara Halverson Henry finds the story of her Father's downed plane (December 22, '02) -- Click Here
The Motts decorate a special AWON Christmas Tree to honor their Fathers (December 25, '02) -- Click Here

Three AWONers attend a Memorial Service in Santa Rosa for Damon Rarey (January 18, '03) -- Click Here
Eight New York area sibs met for lunch at the Tavern on the Green (January 25, '03) -- Click Here
Six Northern california area sibs met at Norma Hamilton's in Sacramento (March 9, '03) -- Click Here
The Millers meet the Albani's at the National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque (March 13, '03) -- Click Here
The Albanis meet up with Muriel Mau, Frederica von Stade and the Temtes in Hawaii (March, '03) -- Click Here
Three San Diego sibs welcome Nancy Sue Johnson, who sweeps in from Missoula (March 31, '03) -- Click Here
Seven Eastern sibs meet for lunch at the Gettysburg Hotel (April 22, '03) -- Click Here
Tom and Pete Souders conduct a service on the New Jersey to remember the Bunker Hill (May 11, '03) -- Click Here
The San Antonio bunch meet the Motts at Luby's (May 16, '03) -- Click Here
24 sibs organize to place a Memorial Day Wreath at Henri-Chapelle (May 24, '03) -- Click Here
Norma Nicol Hamilton and Patricia Behan Armstrong at the Reading of the names in Sacramento (May 25, '03) -- Click Here
Paula Evans Baker with Andre Lefebvre at Epinal, Memorial Day Services, 2003 (May 25, '03) -- Click Here
Smith, Fleming, and Edwards place a Memorial Day Wreath at Rosecrans (May 26, '03) -- Click Here
Elliott, Peters, Meek, and Wheeler represent AWON at the National D-Day Memorial at Bedford (May 26, '03) -- Click Here
Phyllis Louis and Bob Wasmer represent AWON at Arlington National Cemetery (May 26, '03) -- Click Here
Paula Evans Baker with Jerome Leclerc and Francois Cesar in Arracourt, France (May 28, '03) -- Click Here
Paula Evans Baker with Jerome Leclerc in Armaucourt, France (May 30, '03) -- Click Here
The Reading Air Show and WWII Weekend draws an AWON crowd (June 6-8, '03) -- Click Here
Mike Conley of the WWII Memorial provides pictures of construction progress (June 13, '03) -- Click Here
Barbara Henry's trip to Mount Tournette, France, and what she found. (June 14, '03) -- Click Here
Sam and Rachel Tannenbaum visit the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Georgia. (June 26, '03) -- Click Here
Patricia Gaffney Ansel and Michael Robert Kindig wed in New Haven! (June 28, '03) -- Click Here
The Motts organize a regional gathering at Tiny's Cafe in Troy, Ohio (June 28-29, '03) -- Click Here
Sharon Crowley Edwards visits our dads at Henri-Chapelle and Hamm-Luxembourg (July 20-21, '03) -- Click Here
AWON Board Member Kathy Le Comte Lupton and her husband John deliver TWINS! (July 24, '03) -- Click Here
Temte and Hoffman meet new member Witschorke at the Macaroni Grill in San Antonio (July 27, '03) -- Click Here
Six PA-area sibs meet for lunch at the Gettysburg Hotel (July 29, '03) -- Click Here
The Kindigs pack it up in New Haven and head for Denver (August 11, '03) -- Click Here
New Member Shirley McKinney meets her first sib, while Branson is revisited (August 14, '03) -- Click Here
Susan Linville cathes up to her Father's best friend at the 95th Div. Reunion (August 23, '03) -- Click Here
Tommy Morris of Ventura, CA remembers his Dad and the LST 577 (September 4, '03) -- Click Here
Baker Company (currently serving in Iraq) remembers 911. (September 11, '03) -- Click Here
An AWON Grandson is honored by the President of the United States. (September 12, '03) -- Click Here
Long-time AWON member Tommy Morris meets his first AWON sibs. (September 12, '03) -- Click Here
The Kightlingers and Allens hike Currahee Mountain with "Pee Wee" Martin. (September, '03) -- Click Here
Baker, Ramirez, & Bowers meet in Mesa, AZ for the 35th Div. Assn. Reunion. (October 1-5, '03) -- Click Here
Two of the Sues are hosted in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, and then in NYC! (October 5-7, '03) -- Click Here
The same Sues are hosted by Millie & Jim Cavanaugh in Point Pleasant, NJ (October '03) -- Click Here
Jim Boese meets sib #1 (Sharon Edwards) and sib #2 (Roger Connor). (October 15, '03) -- Click Here
Downs, Lecrone and Buterbaugh meet to do research at the Army War College (October 15, '03) -- Click Here
Pam Wilson, Dorrie Lloyd-Still, and Susan Chadd meet in Madison, WI (October 25, '03) -- Click Here
Peirson meets the Kindigs at the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles. (October 26, '03) -- Click Here
The Kindigs remember their Fathers at Arlington. (November 3, '03) -- Click Here
The AWON Board meets at the Hotel Harrington in Washington, DC. (November 7, '03) -- Click Here
The Kindigs visit the Peirsons & Cramptons in Southern CA. (December 31, '03) -- Click Here

Sam Tannenbaum meets Tony Vacarro on an important anniversary. (January 18, '04) -- Click Here
Stars are placed on the "Freedom Wall" at the WWII Memorial. (February 3, '04) -- Click Here

North Carolina sibs meet in Greensboro, N.C.(February 29, '04) -- Click Here
The Stahls visit the Hoffmans and the Temtes in San Antonio. (March 23, '04) -- Click Here

Ann Mix and Lee Mathis get a first look at the new WWII Memorial. (May 5, '04) -- Click Here
Roger Connor visits the USS Nimitz -- at Coronado. (May 16, '04) -- Click Here

Harry Strahlendorf honors his father at Mays Landing, N.J. (May 26-28, '04) -- Click Here

Tom Ratliff honors his Father and Mother in D.C.. (May 28, '04) -- Click Here
Nancy Sue Johnson places Memorial Day Wreath in Missoula, MT. (May 31, '04) -- Click Here
Ann Mix stops to see Nancy Sue Johnson on her way west. (July 6, '04) -- Click Here
Mary Hearn and Shirley Mckinney meet in North Little Rock, AR. (July 8, '04) -- Click Here
Mix and Kindig meet, then Patricia speaks in Madison. (July 8, '04) -- Click Here
Roger takes Sharon Edwards for a 2nd visit to the Nimitz. (July 20, '04) -- Click Here
Roger welcomes the USS Ronald Reagan to Coronado. (July 23, '04) -- Click Here
Temte and Hoffman host Conrad Netting in San Antonio. (August 6, '04) -- Click Here

Mott, Ambrose, & 1st Marine Div. survivors tackle The Pacific. (Aug. 12-15, '04) -- Click Here
The AWON Board meets in Denver. (August 21-23, '04) -- Click Here
Patricia Gaffney-Kindig spreads the AWON word. (September 1, '04) -- Click Here
Patricia Gaffney-Kindig lobbies the Denver Mayor. (September 6, '04) -- Click Here
Margraten hosts a new event -- the All Names Soundscape. (September 17, '04) -- Click Here
"Sante Fe Annies" meet in El Paso, TX. (October 9, '04) -- Click Here
AWONers meet in Carlisle and Gettysburg, PA. (October 15-16, '04) -- Click Here
Northwest AWONers meet for lunch in Fife, WA. (October 30, '04) -- Click Here
The Tally Committee meets at the Kindigs in Denver, CO. (November 3, '04) -- Click Here
Victoria Adams and two sisters visit St. Avold, France (November 24 - 30, '04) -- Click Here
The LeGrands get Left Coast company in Oro Valley, AZ. (December 3, '04) -- Click Here
Dedication of the WWII Memorial in Springfield, IL. (December 4, '04) -- Click Here
Tina and Bruce Aden go to a White House Christmas party. (December 15, '04) -- Click Here
Roger and Sharon visit the Linvilles in Danville, IL. (December 30, '04) -- Click Here

60th Anniversary exhibit of the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne (December '04) -- Click Here

Five sibs (4 old & 1 new) meet at Mechanicsburg, PA. (January 7, '05) -- Click Here
Five sibs (3 old & 2 new) meet at Camarillo Airport, CA. (February 4, '05) -- Click Here
New York City (& envorons) sibs meet at Café Topsy to welcome Pat Rathje (March 12, '05) -- Click Here

Roger McKee Connor and Sharon Crowley Edwards wed on Coronado! (March 17, '05) -- Click Here
Rik Peirson and D.C. Conference Video Producer David Duke meet for lunch (April 4, '05) -- Click Here

Nine sibs meet for a Memorial for the fallen in the center of York, PA (April 23, '05) -- Click Here
Several sibs welcome Sam and Rachel Tannenbaum to NYC (May 6, '05) -- Click Here
Nine sibs, including a new member, meet in Tumwater, WA (May 7, '05) -- Click Here
Tannenbaum, Vacarro, Houtrides and Patton meet on Long Island City (May 9, '05) -- Click Here
George Zatko hosted Shirley McKinney in Biloxi, Mississippi (May 18, '05) -- Click Here

Tina Aden and her family plus Shirley Mckinney remember PFC George T. Davis (May 28, '05) -- Click Here
Joyce McCollum and her family visit her Father's grave on Memorial Day Weekend (May 29, '05) -- Click Here
A Slovenian Memorial is dedicated to the B-24 Crew of 2LT Donald S. Morrison (June 18, '05) -- Click Here
Two AWON cowgirls meet the same pony, somewhere in Texas (Posted June 18, '05) -- Click Here
Vic Muller visits the Memorial to his Brother Joseph in Biersdorf, Germany (June 20, '05) -- Click Here
Vic Muller visits the Memorial for PVT Alfred Etcheverry in Goesdorf, Luxembourg (June 21, '05) -- Click Here

Several sibs meet at the Navy Pier in Chicago to commemorate end of WWII (July 23, '05) -- Click Here

Shirley McKinney and her husband attend the 84th ID Railsplitters Reunion (July 25, '05) -- Click Here
The AWON Board holds its annual meeting in Kansas City, Missouri (Aug. 26-27, '05) -- Click Here
Ron Burrus enlists in the USAF Reserve in memory of his Grandfather (August 30, '05) -- Click Here
Four AWONers attend a session held by the DPMO in San Diego (September 24, '05) -- Click Here
Barb Henry, Missouri Coordinator, hosts a gathering for area sibs (September 30, '05) -- Click Here
Mackay Crampton, a CA Coordinator, hosts a gathering for area sibs (October 7, '05) -- Click Here
Patty Temte organized a luncheon for several South Texas sibs (October 8, '05) -- Click Here
Seven AWONers gather in NYC to celebrate their Fathers' lives (October 10, '05) -- Click Here
Shirley Jackson McKinney hosts a luncheon in Little Rock, AR (November 9, '05) -- Click Here
Three AWONers represent us at Veterans Day remembrances in D.C. (November 10, '05) -- Click Here

The Connors celebrate the new B-24 Exhibit at the San Diego Vet's Museum (Nov. 11, '05) -- Click Here
Several AWONers meet to present an AWON plaque at Arlington (Nov. 11, '05) -- Click Here
Several AWONers participate in Nations Parade Week in New York City (Nov. 11, '05) -- Click Here

Thirteen AWONers of the new SoCal Region meet in San Diego (Feb 18, '06) -- Click Here
10th Mountain Veterans of WWII visit 10th Mountain wounded at Walter Reed (Mar. 4, '06) -- Click Here

AWONers Albani, Mau, and Smith meet for lunch in Kailua, Hawaii (Mar. 11, '06) -- Click Here
Shirley Mckinney hosts a Reunion of the Railsplitters in Little Rock (April 19-23, '06) -- Click Here
AWON President Patricia Gaffney-Kindig lobbies Capital Hill (May '06) -- Click Here
Mary Ruth Thier Klimow honors her Father with a Tree in Belle Harbor (Memorial Day '06) -- Click Here
The AWON National Conference in San Antonio – Megapictures (May 26-29 '06) -- Click Here
Bonnie Hellums takes a birthday ride on a B-17 like her Dad's (June 11, '06) -- Click Here
Third luncheon of the California Central Coast Regional Group (July 11, '06) -- Click Here
Second luncheon of the Sounthern California Regional Group (July 15, '06) -- Click Here

Patricia Gaffney-Kindig flies in an A-6 Trainer at Platt Valley Airpark, CO (Aug. 20, '06) -- Click Here
The Connors join Sharon's Dad's 307th Bomb Group Reunion in WA (Aug. 24-26, '06) -- Click Here
Several AWONers attend the 35th Division Reunion in Topeka, KS (Sept. 13-17, '06) -- Click Here
Sharon Crowley Connor visits Yap Island, near where her Father was lost (Sept. 20, '06) -- Click Here
Roger Connor renews friendships and visits his Father's Grave in Luxembourg (Sept. 20, '06) -- Click Here
Pat Cervenak Albani meets James Bradley, Author of "Flags of Our Fathers" (Oct. 7, '06) -- Click Here
The Connors travel to Monarch Beach to welcome Bill Ciodo to CA (Oct. 27, '06) -- Click Here
Several sibs march & meet for the Veterans Day Parade in New York City (Nov. 11, '06) -- Click Here

The Connors welcome the Temtes and Le Grands in San Diego (Feb. 3, '07) -- Click Here
Sixteen AWON sibs attend a gathering in York, PA (April 21, '07) -- Click Here
The Connors host the Volkans in San Diego (May 16, '07) -- Click Here

Upcoming group trip to the Philippines for Memorial Day (May 25 – June 5, '07) -- Click Here
The Connors visit the USS Midway for Memorial Day service (May 26, '07) -- Click Here
Patricia Gaffney-Kindig speaks at MIA gathering (May 28, '07) -- Click Here

The Hoffmans, Temtes, and Connors visit Bonnie & Carel (June 15, '07) -- Click Here

Four sibs meet for lunch in Hot Springs, Arkansas (July 23, '07) -- Click Here

Several sibs welcome two potential new members in San Diego (Aug. 9, '07) -- Click Here

Lois Klein hosts two sibs for lunch in Montecito (August 31, '07) -- Click Here
Four AWON sibs attend the First Marine Division Reunion in Philadelphia (Aug. 31, '07) -- Click Here
24 orphans gather and share stories in Clinton Township, Michigan (Nov. 10, '07) -- Click Here
Several AWONers march in the NYC Veterans Day Parade (Nov. 11, '07) -- Click Here
Rhode Island dedicates its World War II Memorial (Nov. 11, '07) -- Click Here

Several AWONers met at the Southern California Luncheon in San Marcos (Feb. 16, '08) -- Click Here
Lecrone, Rhinehart, Buterbaugh, & Layne meet in Delaware (Feb. 29 to Mar. 3, '08) -- Click Here
23 sibs from at least four states meet at Hoss's Steak & Sea House in York (April 5, '08) -- Click Here
The Flowers of Remembrance remember CPL John S. Howe in Normandy (April 20, '08) -- Click Here
Floyd Johnson drives 1,941 miles to Ohio to see the Motts (April 23, '08) -- Click Here
The Baczynskis and Hamiltons visit the Liberty Ship SS O'Brian in San Francisco (April 26, '08) -- Click Here
Several sibs met at Pella, Iowa for the annual Tulip Time Festival (May 1 to 4, '08) -- Click Here
Boettcher & Holliday change the Gold Star law in Fort Dodge, Iowa (May 6, '08) -- Click Here
Shirley McKinney breaks her arm and STILL visits the WWII Museum in New Orleans (May 17, '08) -- Click Here
Kathy Swanson caps a 9-year effort to claim her Father's Medals in Akeley, MN (May 26, '08) -- Click Here
Ginny and Bill Bugg host four other AWONers and spouses in Birmingham (May 31, '08) -- Click Here
A French class from Sainte Foy la Grande goes to Normandy on D-Day (June 6, '08) -- Click Here
Holliday and Boettcher host Belgium's Jack Million (Glenn Miller) Band in Iowa (June 16, '08) -- Click Here
Seven AWONers welcome new member Hope Maloney in NYC (July 10, '08) -- Click Here
Bob Holliday and Terry Boettcher receive an award in Iowa (July 25, '08) -- Click Here
Sandy Wical covers a memorial dedication to widows and orphans in Redlands, CA (July 26, '08) -- Click Here
AWON is saddened by the loss of LTC Jack O'Dell Forgy (Friday, September 26, '08) -- Click Here
AWON's Ballot Committee was hard at work in Woodland, CA (Saturday, October 11, '08) -- Click Here
Veterans Day Parade in Fernandina Beach, FL (Tuesday, November 11, '08) -- Click Here
Beloved AWONer COL Jack Forgy was put to rest in Arlington (Wednesday, December 17, '08) -- Click Here

Sixteen AWONers, spouses, & friends meet for lunch in San Diego, CA (Saturday, Jan. 24, '09) -- Click Here
Nancy Sue Johnson throws a 96th for a Rosie the Riveter in Missoula, MT (Sunday, Jan. 25, '09) -- Click Here
The Traveling Trio meets Ken & Delores Sills in State College, PA (March 13-5 '09) -- Click Here
The Temtes and the Hoffmans see Bonnie the Wicked Stepmom in Houston (June 12, '09) -- Click Here
The Temtes cruise to meet up with several sibs in San Francisco and Seattle (June 15-18, '09) -- Click Here
New Mexico regional luncheon is held at the Albanis in Albuquerque (July 25, '09) -- Click Here
26 AWONers meet in Gettysburg & Carlisle for friendship & research (October, '09) -- Click Here
New Orleans Board Meeting and Victory Theater Dedication (November 6-7, '09) -- Click Here
Three AWONers represent us on Veterans Day in Indianapolis (November 11, '09) -- Click Here

"Spirit of '45" Kickoff event in San Diego (January 18, '10) -- turn on your speakers! -- Click Here
Pearl Harbor Survivors meet AWON in San Diego (March 20, '10) -- Click Here
The McCollums teach a 5th grade class in Florida about World War II (May, '10) -- Click Here
Our Fathers were honored in the D.C. Memorial Day Parade (May 31, '10) -- Click Here
AWON volunteers remember WWII at the 20th annual Reading Air Show (June 5-6, '10) -- Click Here
Sam Tannenbaum extends the Spirit of '45 to Boynton Beach and Luxembourg (August 17, '10) -- Click Here

Walt Linne and Barb Kelly host the AWON Board Meeting in Indianapolis (October 6-9, '11) -- Click Here

The Temtes and the Pinkertons meet the Walkers for dinner in Plano, Texas (February 20, '12) -- Click Here
Jerry and Judy Pinkerton host ten orphans in Dallas (June 16, '12) -- Click Here

Several AWONers meet at the Seasons Restaurant in Williamsburg, VA (January 10, '13) -- Click Here
Harris & Bernstein meet at the Veteran's Day Parade in New York City (November 11, '13) -- Click Here

Eight AWONers meet at the Bryant Park Grill in Manhattan (October 26, '14) -- Click Here

The Margraten kids present a bench on Memorial Day (May 23, '15) -- Click Here

Watch for future events posted here!

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Remembering SSGT Daniel Raymond Geis, KIA 21 December '43 with heartfelt thanks,
as his daughter, Judy Geis Hoffman, former AWON President, has staged AWON Events on this page since 2004.