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110th Infantry Regiment Roger Flashman9-28-16  6:41 am
117th Inf Rgt (30th Inf Div) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Eduardo11-25-12  2:21 am
119th Inf Rgt (30th Inf Div) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Gene Sullivan17 6-09-19  9:08 pm
119th Reg, August 27, 1944Omar1-28-13  6:18 pm
120th Inf Rgt (30th Inf Div) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Doug Bohon8-31-15  8:01 am
133rd inf Reg.,34th divLaura Smail Sims mem6-14-16  7:52 am
137th regimentPoonam11-25-12  1:03 am
175th 29th Infantry Company Kmtet5316 10-13-19  5:05 pm
18th Inf Regt, 1st Inf DivCarlos5-14-13  4:06 pm
197th Field Artillery Battalion (30th Inf Div) casualty SEPTEMBER 1...Tyler Ben1-15-15  8:34 pm
29th St Ives Cornwall 1945Rileigh2-28-13  1:00 am
30th ReconTrp (30th Inf Div) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Koyie5-16-13  12:53 am
311th Infantry 78th Div Company KMieke Faessen11 5-29-20  3:32 am
328th Inf Third Army Comp B Jannena2-25-13  2:18 pm
331st Inf Reg, 83 DivMuneera1-11-13  1:27 am
361 th Infantry 91st Division - July 1944, African TheaterAnastasia5-14-13  8:29 pm
379th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry DivisionWidie1-11-13  5:20 am
37th Air Depot Repair Squad. Patsy Bossomo7-20-17  7:25 am
38th infantry regiment 2 infantry division/sept.1944Sylvie Galiay12 11-02-13  9:59 am
41st Armd Inf Rgt (2nd Armd Div) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Freddy Ard5-10-14  6:57 pm
45th Infantry DivisionNihad11-27-12  1:30 am
531st AAA AW Bn (XIX Corps) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Jeff Birkeland 7-23-19  3:13 pm
743rd Tank Battalion (XIX Corps) casualties SEPTEMBER 1944Jack Solomon8-20-14  7:17 pm
823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (30th Inf Div) casualties SEPTEMBER ...Judy Marcellot10 1-06-15  6:27 am
84th. Div. - 334th. Infantry - I Co.Jim Turner23 11-08-19  8:40 am
85th Infantry DivisionG. Althage7-27-15  9:55 am
9th Armored Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored DivisionJoe Fox7-28-15  7:58 am
A German sentiment 1Olesya4-11-13  3:57 am
A German sentiment 2Cinderella5-14-13  3:17 pm
A German sentiment 3Simone1-11-13  6:11 pm
AAC - Missing C-47 43-48308 carrying POW remainslin burson2-21-13  3:11 am
Aaron Maxwell's Australia SonTish5-14-13  2:36 am
Abandoned in Yokohama, 1948BernadetteKelly5-20-14  5:27 pm
American military menLydia11-13-18  4:35 am
Ancestry DNA connects familiesBB Pilon12-02-16  5:56 pm
Another Little Friend almost home !...Harish4-08-13  8:20 pm
Attempting to Create Newsgroup to Discuss KIAslindaburson1-26-13  5:08 pm
Book of WWII MemoriesNerice5-16-13  12:11 am
Brother by US GI, WWII GermanyMarie P1-20-20  7:56 pm
Burton - Staff 1942/45heather taberner8-15-15  6:43 am
Carswell air force baseFarell5-14-13  2:29 am
CBI Theatre - missing remainsKeylon5-16-13  1:20 am
Chelveston Air Force Base.josied 458-13-14  9:33 am
Children of American G.I'sJulie Buckingham10 10-20-19  3:29 pm
Department of the Army IDPFsStar8-09-11  9:20 pm
Dog Tags found - Grady SmithCourtney cox5-17-16  11:26 pm
Finding G.I Fathers's A.Ryan17 9-06-20  1:34 pm
Finding my fatherruth barrett13 5-16-19  5:09 am
French Canadian grandfatherJackie Caplice4-20-18  1:54 pm
GI baby looking for biological fathers familyBruce Green 690 9-12-20  9:18 pm
GI Children born London WWIIAbdulkhalik 20 7-17-19  4:11 pm
GI grandad - in HULL, UK, WW2Ruth Barrett12-03-18  8:17 am
Help me find my dads fatherPykaflower56 5-01-18  3:04 pm
Looking for GI's sonRen Raven2-11-15  3:58 pm
Looking for my fatherApril Dapitan1-24-19  10:49 pm
Looking for my fatherAlan Holt11-24-19  12:32 pm
Looking for Relatives of 1Lt John WiersemaLinda Edwards 11 3-13-16  3:33 am
Looking Neil Saunders Bjoern4-03-18  12:36 pm
LST 523 - June 19, 1944 MIAMadeleine J2-06-13  8:32 am
Margrates adoptive grave search 4 orphans or family..Jo Ann King7-21-15  6:30 pm
Miller / Baker WWII lindaburson1-10-13  12:57 pm
Nancy France WW2-Kingham KIADennis Fitzgerald12-25-19  7:15 pm
National Personnel Records CenterStephen Hartzell18 2-23-17  1:40 pm
Organizational RecordsKayra11-25-12  3:16 pm
Pembrokeshire 1950sTracy cox2-06-16  2:46 pm
Photo ResearchFlorian5-14-13  9:15 am
Russell A Shover 36908837Galina5-14-13  3:44 pm
Search my grand fatherSimone Kaiser7-15-16  3:43 am
Searching for half sibling JacquelineEves10-27-18  4:38 am
Stoneliegh park ,warks1943roy bradshaw5-30-17  3:58 am
Wallenberg, FrankMark6-04-13  12:08 am
We Need to Be HeardMiriam1-11-13  9:00 am
Web page dedicated to the men of 8308Nurbolat5-14-13  5:39 pm
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