December 15, 2004

Tina and Bruce Aden with President and Mrs. Bush.


The Invitation to the White House Christmas party.


Tina Aden, granddaughter of PFC George T Davis, 10th Mountain Division, and her husband, Bruce, attended a White House Christmas party and were introduced to President and Mrs. Bush. Tina wrote a description of this once in a lifetime event. She described the beauty of the White House and the feeling of warmth from the president and his wife. As Tina and her husband were ushered into the diplomatic room, the guard announced, "Mr. President, may I present to you Bruce Duane and Tina Marie Aden."

As Tina met the President she said, "Mr. President, this is the best day of my life." She writes that he laughed his famous laugh and said, "Thank you Tina, very much. I am honored you could be here."

He squeezed her shoulder as they laughed together and Tina savored the moments. After a few words, the photo was taken. The party was one of the smaller Christmas parties this year, consisting of about 400 people. Therefore, Tina and Bruce were able to see much of the beautifully decorated White House and more of President and Mrs. Bush.

The photo was taken by the White House Photographer and provided by Tina, with thanks!