Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Marching Toward a Shining Salute
Construction Entering Final Stages for WWII Memorial's Debut
By Monte Reel
Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, February 3, 2004; Page B08 A sign inside a temporary trailer at the National World War II Memorial reads "5 Weeks To Go," a reminder that builders hope to finish the bulk of their work in early March so that finishing touches can be added for a public opening sometime in April and a dedication ceremony in late May.

Yesterday, workers affixed several bronze panels that featured more than 4,000 hand-crafted, gold-plated stars onto an interior wall. The result is what designers call the "Freedom Wall," a tribute to the more than 400,000 Americans killed in the war and one of the memorial's focal points.

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For unknown reasons, the colors in the original picture carried on the
Washington Post's website are reversed. The version below has been inverted.
It still doesn't look quite right, but at least the stars are GOLD . . .
and happily reminiscent of the new AWON Star!

The alert to the Washington Post web page came from Ed and Pat Peters, with many thanks!