Special Missions & Side Trips • Memorial Day Weekend • Washington, D.C.

We had a lot of special missions during the conference, both on and off campus.
Here are pictures of some of the major ones . . . with side trips to follow:

Click either the buttons or the links.

Arlington National Cemetery • Memorial for CDR George Beaton Nicol (May 26, 2004) - Click Here!


The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) Reception (May 28, 2004) - Click Here!


101st Airborne Div. (Screaming Eagles) Memorial • Remembering 101st Fathers (May 30, 2004) - Click Here!


1st Division Memorial • Remembering PVT Edgar Benjamin Tiemann (May 31, 2004) - Click Here!


Navy Memorial • Remembering Naval Academy Graduates (May 31, 2004) - Click Here!


Arlington National Cemetery • Remembering the Unknowns (May 31, 2004) - Click Here!


The Wall • Remembering Vietnam (June 1, 2004) - Click Here!


We also had a lot of side trips – for fun, for food, and for local DC culture.
Here are some examples. Click either the buttons or the links.


Salute to WWII Veterans • MCI Center (Saturday, May 29, 2004) - Click Here!


A selection: Penny & Patty visit the Korean War Memorial, Patricia & Mike visit the ABMC Reception,
Judy Hoffman's son solos at the Smithsonian, plus a couple of White House tour groups. - Click Here!


AWONer George Errold Cropley visits the Capitol. - Click Here!


Another selection: The Mott Group does John Harvards, the Crough group does the
Corcoran Art Gallery, and the Albanis and Peirsons find the Old Ebbitt Grill. - Click Here!


Another selection: of people, concepts, and events seen happening right on campus. - Click Here!


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