Memorial , May 31, 2004 • Washington, D.C.

Sharing circles are an AWON tradition that goes back to the earliest conferences.
The idea is for each person at each table to be able to talk about, remember, and honor
his or her Father in whatever way feels right in the moment.

There is sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, and usually a little catharsis.
But in the presence of truly caring Brothers and Sisters, every Father is so honored.

Maggie Malone's sharing circle. Left to Right:Standing: an
Unidentified AWONer, Norm Burkey, Carol Downs Brooks, Lynne LeCrone,
Janice Ott Buterbaugh, Joe Ormand and Regina Cupp Lemon.
Kneeling are Margaret Krone Bouton and Maggie Malone


Our sharing circle needed THREE facilitators . . . those three on the right.
Here we were – an Unidentified AWONer, Charlene Kesey Busby, Mike Kindig,
Ginny Finney Bugg, Baird O. "Barry" Barr-Finch, Victoria Ramirez Adams,
Sam I Am Tannenbaum, and Rik Peirson.


Top Row: Betty Crouch*, Sheila Logan*, Stewart Lerch*, Judi Kramer, and Diane Baczynski.
Bottom Row: Joanne Crandall, Shirley McKinney*, Marilyn Jensen,
Deanna Taylor, and Dave Stanek. Note that the * sign indicates "first timers".

If you took a picture of your sharing circle group, please . . .
make it digital and send it to stager Judy Hoffman: Click Here!

While the sharing circles were happening, the was a concurrent
Authors' panel discussion in the Presidential Suite . . .

Walter Carter, author of "No Greater Sacrifice, No Greater Love" was the panel moderator.
Walter was also a speaker at the Smithsonian during the WWII Memorial Weekend.

Left, Thomas G. Ratliff, author of "I Can Hear the Guns Now". Right, Michael J. Goodwin, author of "Shobun".

The top two pictures above were provided by Maggie Malone and Rik Peirson.
The third one was provided by Dave Stanek via Shirley McKinney.
The last two, of the Authors' Panel, were provided by Paula Baker.

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