Memorial Day Service Afterglow, May 31, 2004 • Back at the JW

Torrential rains didn't dampen the spirits of those coming back to the JW
from the Memorial Service. Disclaimer: Don't think of it as a bad hair day –
think of it as one great rain day.

Gerry Conway Morenski and her daughter, Kathleen Morenski
are among the first to come in out of the rain.


AWON Founder Ann Bennett Mix returns. Thanks for braving the rains with us –
and so much more. We are very much in your debt.


Victoria Ramirez Adams comes home. That's Dad (PVT Maximilliano
Secundino Ramirez) on the back of her nametag. What a smile!


AWON Treasurer Bill Ciodo and his wife, Katie.


The Albanis (Dick, Pat, and son Ric) are still happy,
and none the worse for wear, even in the rain!


Patty and Jerry Temte say it all!


Photos from Rik Peirson.

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