1st Registration . . . Thursday afternoon, May 27, 2004 • JW Marriott

Photos of our intrepid Registration Crew are still on the way.


The AWON Logo greeted us in the JW Lobby.


With special AWON thanks to Conference Chairs Walt Linne and Penny Sue Hopkins LeGrand –
who found, proposed, arranged, and delivered the J.W. Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue,

the heart of our stay, our conference, and our dedication in D.C.



Blow-ups of our Dads graced the lobby and the meeting rooms of the JW.

Registration materials were thanks to Darlene and Nick Mott for the 600+ incredible Nametags --
to Gail Brown for the Conference Program, with its beautiful tributes -- and to Walt and Penny
and their whole Registration Crew, who welcomed us with AWON hugs to our best conference to date!
The crew included (at different times) Walt Linne and Barbara Francis Kelly, Sam and Rachel
Tannenbaum, Jim and Millie McConnell Cavanaugh, and Gerry Conway Morenski.
We can also
thank Doni Morrison Troglio for the countless hours she's spent updating the growing AWON database --
that has allowed this (& so many other administrative functions) to so seamlessly happen.

After much hard work, advance planning, organizing, design, production
and shipping, we're happy to actually be in D.C. . . . at last!

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