Memorial Day Parade, May 31, 2004 • Washington, D.C.

A merry band of AWONers participated in the Memorial Day 2004 parade in Washington D. C.
They represented AWON and proudly carried the banner in remembrance of our fathers.

Included in the photo are: Sandy MacDuffee, Chickie Berry, John & Judy Parliman, Lynn, Jerry,
and Deanna Taylor, Kathy Swanson, Dixie Maurer, Stewart (Rusty) Lerch,
Donna M. Pressley,
Antonetta Bell, Diane Morris, Robert Roth, Sheila and Lowell Logan. Not pictured are
Don Gilbert and Mary and Rolle Otte, who joined the group along the parade route.


Sandy Chichilla MacDuffee waves to the crowd.


AWONers carry stars and signs – for AWON – and also for "No Greater Love,"
whose Founder Carmella LaSpada was overseas, preparing for a celebration in Normandy


Parade watcher Phillis Peppard and Chickie Shields Berry.

"Those of us who 'marched' in the Memorial Day parade remember the warm reception
we received along the parade route. Many of us broke ranks (that "rank " thing needs to
be taken very loosely . . . we just walked and ran and skipped along at our own pace)
to greet Veterans along the way, giving handshakes and hugs of thanks and appreciation.

"I had also made a few "cards" with my email address...... just in case. There was a woman
about our age who mouthed the words 'thank you' to me as our eyes met, so I immediately
went over to her and we exchanged a hug. She said . . . 'my father came home from the war and
I had him all these years. He died in 1998 and I still miss him.... thank you for YOUR sacrifice.'

"I told her that was the first time anyone had ever said that to me."

-- Chickie Berry


Rolling Thunder, mostly Vietnam veterans on motorcycles, rev up in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Most people who know these folks know that they're at least as well known for their commitments
to public service as to the cultivation of their image as road warriors. These pictures were actually
taken the day before the parade, but that's where they were all heading.

Mutual Salutes: As they pass by on the way to the monument on Sunday morning,
Rolling Thunder and a Marine Sergeant exchange salutes.


The first picture is thanks to Sandy MacDuffee, the next three pictures and parade description
were provided with thanks to Chickie Shields Berry. Phillis Peppard's husband, Ken took Photo #4.
The Rolling Thunder pictures were provided by Roger Connor and Sharon Edwards.

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