Around the campus • JW Marriott

Conference First timer Mackay Andrews Crampton is greeted by her Dad,
S/SGT Arthur Russell Andrews, KIA 25 October, 1944.


Conference Old timers Dianne Wiegand Baczynski and John Baczynski are greeted
by Dianne's Dad, PFC Frank H. Wiegand, KIA 9 May, 1945, near Mindanao.


Ed Peters hears about a linking object (the parachute) from Jennifer Dart,
daughter of Judith Ward Durkee and Granddaughter of Glenn H. Ward.


The JW elevators were the original sharing circles. Here are Millie Cavanaugh,
Bob Meek, Judi Kramer, Dianna and Lindsey Peirson, and the two buds from
the Great State of Iowa – Terry Boettcher and former Big 12 official Bob Holliday.

Here's Great Scott Bynum – Conference Videographer. We hope you said hello
to this sweetheart of a guy. He was focused, but he was everywhere, capturing our
special moments for later editing by award-winning producer David Duke.

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