The Black/Hadler Luncheon • Sunday, May 30, 2004 • Embassy Row

To promote a sense of AWON history and comradery, First Founder Anne Moloney Black
and First Founder and Author Susan Johnson Hadler hosted a luncheon for the other
AWON First Founders, Past Presidents, current Board Members, and guests.

First row: Gloria Shields, Lisa Tannenbaum, First Founder Sam Tannenbaum, Nancy Meek,
DC Liaison Phyllis Epstein Louis, Board President Patricia Gaffney Kindig, Conference Chair Walt Linne,
Former Board Member Connie Castellanos Caldwell, Past President Gloria Zuccarella Layne,
and First Founder Clatie R. Cunningham III.

Second row: Grandchild Board Member Kathy LeComte Lupton, Henry Louis, Rachel Tannenbaum,
Board Member Bob Meek, Board Secretary Judi Hollis Kramer, and Katie Chiodo.

Third row: Board Member Rik Peirson, Jack Hadler, Mike Kindig, Board Member Terry Boettcher,
Pat Cervenak Albani, Hostess/First Founder Anne Moloney Black,
Dianna Peirson, and Treasurer Bill Chiodo.

In the back: AWON Accountant Gary Shields, Lindsey Peirson, Ric Albani, Hostess/First Founder
Susan Johnson Hadler, First Founder Lorin McCleary III, Roger Connor, Dick Albani,
Founder Ann Bennett Mix, Vamik Volkan, First Founder and Past President Jeff Ward
Betty Palonen Volkan, Board Member Rondy Elliott,
Melissa Beard,
and Vice President Doni Troglio.


The Blacks' home was exquisite, and the luncheon feast was magnificent.
Under the beautiful salmon tablecloth was the family pool table! In the background
are Betty Volkan, Anne Black, Bill Chiodo, Gloria Layne, and Terry Boettcher.


Gathering round are Bob and Nancy Meek, Mike and Patricia Gaffney Kindig,
Doni Morrison Troglio, Vamik Volkan, and Melissa Beard.


Around the cozy upstairs living room are Lisa Tannenbaum, Betty Palonen Volkan,
Terry Boettcher, Bill and Katie Chiodo, Kathy LeComte Lupton,
Rachel Tannenbaum, and Dianna Peirson.


Hangin' out at the bar were Vamik Volkan, Melissa Beard, Henry Louis,
Judi Hollis Kramer, Walt Linne, Terry Boettcher, and Ann Bennett Mix.


In the breakfast nook (front row) are Patricia Kindig, Adam Shapiro, Pat Albani, and Doni Troglio.
Standing are Henry Louis and Nancy Meek, Kathy Lupton, and Roger Connor.


Bill, Rik, and Vamik in cigar heaven – on the back deck.


The sepia above was thanks to Roger Connor. The rest were Rik's.

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