Saturday, May 29, 2004 • WWII Memorial Dedication • On the Mall


First-timer Judy Peltier Epsha and her husband, Peter
call home with the news . . . the Memorial has been dedicated!


Pat Armstrong shows her Father's star.


At the dedication, Shirley McKinney met this 84th Division Railsplitter who served
with her dad. He gave her a hug because he said, "her dad couldn't!"


Dianna, Lindsey, and Rik Peirson will always remember this beautiful day.


George Washington would be very proud.


The walk back to the hotel was filled with a sense of the accomplishment –
that our Fathers will always be remembered.

Thanks, ABMC!!!


That second photo above is thanks toPat Armstrong.
That third photo above is thanks to Shirley McKinney
The fourth photo is thanks to Peter Epsha. The rest are Rik's.

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