Saturday, May 29, 2004 • WWII Memorial Dedication • On the Mall


On dedication day for National CBS News,
Mackay Crampton remembers her Father, S/SGT Arthur Russell Andrews.

Sue Perko remembers her Father, William Henry Roodenburg.


Rondy Elliott, who organized the AWON group for CBS News,
remembers her Father, CPL Franklin Maynard Elliott.


Rik Peirson remembers his Father, 1LT John S.S. Peirson.


Patricia Wernert, Sandy Chichilla MacDuffee, Rita Niro Blair
and Antonetta Niro Bell celebrate the dedication!


The Bremer Bunch, family of AWONer Paul Bremer gathers after the dedication.
They are Linda (his daughter), Steve (his son-in-law), Debbie (his daughter),
Paul's Grandson, Alton, and Paul's wife, Barbara.


Marilyn Bowers Jensen and her Brother, Gary remember
their Father: PFC Rex Merrill Bowers.


Vicki and Dianne Lingle are the proud daughter
and granddaughter of ENS Jess Turnipseed.


One of a thinning breed of WWII Veterans
finally honored by the Memorial.

Mere words cannot convey our thanks!


Photo #4 is thanks to Mackay Crampton, #5 is thanks to Sandy MacDuffee;
Photo #6 of the Bremer bunch is thanks to Sharon Edwards; Photo #7 is thanks to
Patty Temte; Photo #8 is thanks to Shirley McKinney, & the rest are Rik's.

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