Saturday, May 29, 2004 • WWII Memorial Dedication • On the Mall

The big picture . . . today's the day.


The stars are for our Dads, who couldn't be here.


Dianne Baczynski and Pat Behan Armstrong lead the celebration.


President George W. Bush recognizes those who died, those who survived,
and the generation which supported them all.


Crowds at the dedication were reported to be nearly 800,000 people.
55,000 in Section One (which included the orphans and Vets together)
heard President Bush, Tom Brokaw, and Tom Hanks remember
our Fathers and the rest of the Greatest Generation.


We live their love.

The Washington Post, on Sunday, May 30th, described it this way:
"During patriotic songs, the veterans stood, saluting with quivering hands,
and tears on their cheeks. The section with the orphans waved hundreds of gold stars –
the 60-year-old symbol of a family member killed in the war.
Others waived thousands of American flags."


The composite of those big screen shots of Bush, Brokaw, and Hanks
was provided by our Stager, Judy Hoffman. The rest are Rik's.

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