Friday Night Dance • As Time Goes By • JW Marriott

The AWON Rockettes – Plus Nick. Antonetta Niro Bell, Rita Niro Blair,
Gloria Zuccarella Layne, Nick Mott, Penny Sue Hopkins LeGrand, and Judi Hollis Kramer.


Phyllis Epstein Louis and Ed Peters lead the way.


Judy and Stephen Hoffman take a moment.


Darlene and Nick are always smiles.


Betty and Vamik Volkan are always linked.


Dianna and Rik Peirson can't wait for the big day tomorrow.


Jeanne Rhinehart, Janice Butterbaugh, Shirley McKinney, Lynne Lecrone,
and Connie Miller (standing) share stories of their Dads.


The last picture is thanks to Shirley McKinney, and the rest are Rik's.

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