The AWON Bookstore & Hospitality Suite • JW Marriott

The Bookstore Crew: Barbara (Leader of the Pack) Kelly, Patty Temte, Annie Mix,
Doni Troglio, and Dianne Baczynski hold down the fort. What a team!


Enter the Bookstore & Hospitality Suite – all rolled into one.


Additional volunteers Gloria Zuccarella Layne and Joan Fagley Miller ring
sales for bank manager, inventory supervisor, head cashier & overall reconciler Barb Kelly!


Mugs, magnets, hats, & luggage tags . . . the Bookstore has books and
AWON gear that will follow you everywhere. To indulge, Click Here!


The center of the AWON campus!


First Timer Mackay Crampton, from Ojai, CA meets Bonnie Hellums, from Houston, Texas.


Jim Cavanaugh, from Point Pleasant, New Jersey!


Millie & Jim Cavanaugh, of Deck Party fame, are big on Hospitality!

That great Bookstore Crew picture above is thanks to Patty Temte
of San Antonio, and the rest are Rik's.

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