Thursday, March 17, 2005

AWON Founder Ann Mix posted the following note
on the AWON Mail server on 2/2/05:

Dearest All:

I am proud (as a mother) to be the one asked to make this announcement:

Two more very special members of our unique group have found each other through AWON and fallen in love! It doesn't get much better than this!

Over, and over we have proven that we can walk through the pain, gain and give comfort, heal, and open our hearts to all sorts of new possibilities. There is no greater evidence that our fathers and another Power, who oversees us all, has blessed this group of fatherless children and their unions. Soooo are you ready for this?

Please join me in wishing all the love we have and all our blessings on Roger McKee Connor and Sharon Crowley Edwards when they will celebrate their miracle and marry in San Diego California on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, on the beach at sunset, overlooking the water! It will be a small wedding with family and friends but we will all be there with them in spirit!

The wedding happened on Coronado at 10:00 AM on St. Patrick's Day
in a totally stunning Southern California location.


The ceremony was small and spectacular, with incredible views
of the city skyline over San Diego Bay. Sharon's Sister, Renee Cooley
of Brooklyn, positioned herself for her official wedding-photographer role.


Sharon and Roger were surrounded by family and friends
including Sharon's Dad (in the green sweater) Lt Col Ret - USAF Howard Cooley;
Roger's daughter, Annie Connor; Sharon's cousin, Kathy Beazley, (Bill Crowley's
niece) of Mesa AZ, and her husband, John (behind the video camera); Alisa, Dale,
and (Bill Crowley's Great Grandson) Saxon; and of course Sharon's Sister, Renee.

Thoughts and prayers of many AWON sibs were with Roger and Sharon in
Coronado this day.
Among the family and friends were fellow AWONers
Jim and Dawn Boese and Rik and Dianna Peirson.


Dr. Milt Hay presided over one of the most personally
touching services many of us had ever experienced.


Roger and Sharon in simplicity and grace.

He made a handsome groom -- and she a radiant bride!


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