Here's a Checklist on how to prepare Tribute materials for the AWON Website.

One of the main purposes of AWON is to remember and honor our Fathers. The AWON Website has been built to help accomplish this purpose, and to provide a way not just for us, here and now, but for everyone far and wide to remember and honor the sacrifices of the men who bought our freedoms with their lives.

There are just three parts of each tribute you need to create and E-Mail to AWON. A basic Bio (for the communal linking page), then Tribute itself and a COPY of your Father's Photo (for its own individual tribute page). See what may be the specific content below.

But first, we suggest you see and read some of the tributes already posted. To see the Our Fathers Website Section -- Click Here! Then come back and complete the preparation as suggested below.

1. Include this specific BIO information: Your Father's --

First Name
Middle Name, Initial, or Nickname
Last Name
MIA Date, KIA Date, or Date of Death
Burial or Memorial Information

2. Include 500-1,100 words in a TRIBUTE to your Father --

Write the tribute in any way you feel is appropriate. Here are some basic ideas:

His Birth Date and Place of Birth
His Parents' Names
Childhood details
High School or College details
Marriage details
Names and ages of other Siblings
Military Induction
Military Training
Military Assignments
Date sent Overseas
Circumstances of his Death
Circumstances of his Burial
What you have heard about him
A few of his favorite things
What you most miss about your Father

3. Include a photograph of your Father in Uniform --

Scan the Photo or ask Kinko's or a computer service bureau to scan it
Scan Format: Approx. 4" x 5" in a "JPG" Photo Format
Attach Electronic Photo to E-Mail
No Kinko's nearby? If you need scanning help . . . Click Here & contact Nancy Sue for her snailmail address.

4. How and where to send the three items above --

Put items 1 and 2 inside an E-Mail
Attach Item 3 (the Photo) to the same E-Mail
Submit all three parts to Nancy Sue Johnson for staging . . . Click Here.

That's all there is to it. Just follow up to be sure Nancy Sue receives your tribute elements and give us a few days to format and post the tribute. We'll let you know as soon as it's posted.