Early June in Eastern Pennsylvania

Left to right are Joyce Decker, John Viennazalia,
Maggie Fenstermacher, Terry Boettcher, and Erich Boettcher,
on the day before receiving his degree in Finance from Lehigh.

Here's proof: Terry's Certificate of Participation.

War College faculty and students. Terry Boettcher is at front right.

On the left is Lt. Col. Dick Pedersen, West Point and Masters Degree, Master Parachutist,
and Ranger, of the 82nd Airborne Division. In the middle is Terry's sponsor at the War College,
Lt. Col. Ron Ison, Masters Degree and Parachutist, who's headed for an overseas assignment to command 2,000 troops.

These men are all qualified Airborne Troopers from the 82nd Airborne Division,
but their job is to sing.

Thanks to Terry Boettcher for sending the digital pictures,
and to Maggie Fenstermacher and Terry both for supplying the commentary.