December 16, 2002

Today is the 58th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge.

The Battle of the Bulge lasted from the l6th of December 1944 until the 25th of January 1945. It was the greatest battle ever fought by the United States Army. More than a million men participated in this battle including 600,000 American soldiers, 500,000 Germans, and 55,000 British. The American military force consisted of a total of three Armies with 33 Divisions. While the German military force consisted of two Panzer Armies with 29 Divisions.

Twenty two AWON Fathers and one AWON Uncle were killed in and around the Battle of the Bulge . . . remembered here as they fell:

• SGT Grant W. Giese, KIA 18 DEC 44, near Holbach, Maginot Line, France
Father of Jack Giese

• PVT Ralph Eachus, KIA 21 DEC 44, Belgium
Uncle of Joan Fagley Miller

• 1LT. Gordon R. Tomea, Jr., KIA 24 DEC 44, Belgium
Father of Gordon Tomea, III

• PFC Frank R. Machado, KIA 24 DEC 44, in the sinking of the Leopoldville, Cherbourg, France
Father of Frank Machado

• 1LT John Silas Sheffield Peirson, KIA 25 DEC 44, La Roumiere Hill, Belgium
Father of Rik Peirson

• PVT Joseph E. Stillberger, KIA 26 DEC 44, NE Kehman, Luxembourg
Father of Linda Stillberger Arrington

• CPL Homer Ricker, Jr., KIA 31 DEC 44, Belgium
Father of Shirley Ricker Theis

• SGT Levi Dennis Feltz, KIA 2 JAN 45, Siglosheim, France
Father of Tom Feltz

• PVT George Roger Connor, KIA 4 JAN 45, Belgium
Father of Roger McKee Connor

• SGT Kenneth J. Null, KIA 8 JAN 45, Henschberg Forest, France
Father of Kenneth J. Null

• PFC John W. Downs, KIA 9 JAN 45, Seden, France
Father of Carol Ann Downs Brooks

• PVT Henry Irving Tannenbaum, KIA 11 JAN 45, Ottre, Belgium
Father of Sam Tannenbaum

• MAJ Joe Earley, 13 JAN 45 near Achouffe, Belgium
Father of Nancy Leazure

• PVT Russel D. Stein, KIA 14 JAN 45, Battle of the Bulge
Father of Millie Fenstermacher

• SGT Michael Gorizo Liguori, KIA 15 JAN 45, Belgium
Father of Gerald Liguori

• PVT Ivory Carl Baker, KIA 17 JAN 45, St. Valery En Caux, France
Father of Jerry Baker

• PVT Isaac Wilmer Jumper, KIA 17 JAN 45, near Schoppen, Belgium
Father of Carol Mercer

• PFC Leonard Link, KIA 20 JAN 45, Luxembourg
Father of Bob Link

• PFC Francis J. Batten, KIA 22 JAN 45, Luxembourg
Father of Arthur Batten

• CPL William Kermit Jones, KIA 23 JAN 45, Germund, Germany
Father of Ellen Jones

• PFC Rex Merrill Bowers, KIA 25 JAN 45, Weiswampach, Luxembourg
Father of Marilyn Bowers Jensen

• 1LT James E. Barnes III, Wounded 24 JAN 45; Died of wounds 26 JAN 45, Battle of the Bulge
Father of James E-Barnes IV

• PFC John Chichilla, KIA 28 JAN 45, Luxembourg
Father of Sandra Eve MacDuffee

In Their Memory