September 30 to October 2, 2005

Regional Meeting in Branson, Missouri
Radisson Hall of Heroes

Barb Henry, Billy Gunter, and Jim McCollum from Missouri; John & Betty Crouch,
and Jim & Shirley McKinney from Arkansas.

Barb is the regional coordinator for Missouri and Shirley for Arkansas.
The group met in Branson and visited the Radisson Hall of Heroes where they left their
Father's photos to be added to the wall. During the weekend, they were guests of the Boston Center
(Barb Henry's project) for an Octoberfest meal and also attended a musical show.

They shared stories of their Dads and listened to Kathy LeComte Lupton's CD about
the National and Illinois WWII Memorials. The program contained much of AWON's history
and how Ann Mix, our AWON founder, had such an impact in having the Wall of Stars added
to the WWII National Memorial. Kathy is with the Illinois Public Radio Station in Springfield, IL.
The program she shared was aired in Illinois just after the National WWII Memorial
and the Illinois WWII Memorial Dedication.

The photo was provided by Shirley McKinney, with thanks!