Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Dianna & I had a chance to visit Fort Leonard Wood on Tuesday,
before heading for the Springfield Airport and home.

Both our Dads spent some time here. Dianna's Dad helped build Fort Leonard Wood
while he was in the engineers (before flight school). My Dad was here because
it's where the 75th Infantry Division was both trained and activated.

Fort Leonard Wood is a little farther East of Springfield than Branson is South.
The 75thers I know sometimes refer to it as "Fort Lost in the Woods."

Though I doubt whether it was ever referred to in that way in front of the man below:

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We were looking for local color? Here's the brightest we saw anywhere . . .
right in front of the Main Commissary. The huge parking lot is shared
with the PX (Post Exchange), which is out of the picture to the right.


Here's a tank with its own mine sweeper. Considerate of the infantry.


Here's a baby DUKW.


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