Wear and show and send your pride in our great organization . . . as treasures from
AWON make great gifts for family, friends, and media -- not to mention for yourself!

Start with the D.C. Conference Video! If you weren't there, you owe it to yourself.
And if you were there . . . remember the pride!

"In Their Memory" -- the official conference video produced by David Duke & Company.
It's like being at the AWON Conference, at the Memorial Dedication, and at our own service at the Memorial.

It's your main DC Conference commemorative. 30 Minutes. $5 each -- including postage and handling

"We Speak Your Name" -- the video produced by Terry Boettcher and Pat Tierney
that provided the highly-charged emotional opening of the D.C. Conference.

Another great conference commemorative. 12 Minutes. $5 each -- including postage and handling

Brand new! A truly gorgeous Gold Star Pendant (no chain included)
that adds a stunning AWON touch.

#1 Gold Star Crystal Pendant 1 1/8" (28mm) • $10 plus $8 postage and handling
#2 Gold Star Crystal Pendant 1 1/2" (40mm) • $20 plus $8 postage and handling


Be ready for the holidays! Nearly 3" in diameter AWON ornament.
$10 each includes postage. Purchase of a gold marker from any
office supply store will allow you to personalize the ornament
with your Father's name. Each ornament is gift boxed.


The AWON auto magnet is here!
It's a moving billboard to tell the world who we are.
3 1/2" wide x 8" high. It's Large! $6 each, including postage



Here's the official AWON Conference Lanyard . . . that can be used
for conferences and so many other occasions. Just add your nametag & go!
Blue & White . . . standard 36" length. It comes with a 6" x 4" plastic

nametag holder – $6.00 per set. This includes postage & handling
when the lanyard and holder are purchased with any other Bookstore goods.


The official AWON Hat. You need one.
Hats are $15.00 each.

Buying Books and Logo items from the AWON Bookstore is easy.

You may send a Check or Money Order, but due to excessive fees from the credit card
companies, we can no longer accept credit cards for payment. Sorry for this inconvenience.

To Order: Click the E-Mail button below. Or Mail your Check or Money Order to:

AWON Bookstore
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5745 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46216.

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5745 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46216

Many thanks to Walt Linne and Barb Kelly, who have spent untold time and energy
bringing so much consistency, not just to the Bookstore, but to MANY aspects of AWON.

On behalf of AWON, we dedicate this page to the memory of:
SGT Walter John Linne, KIA 24 March, 1945
2LT George Riley Francis, KIA 18 November, 1944