Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shirley McKinney is first sib sighting for George Zatko!


George Zatko (U.S. Air Force, retired) hosted Shirley McKinney at the Books-A-Million in Biloxi, Mississippi, sharing much about their respective backgrounds.

George was stationed in Biloxi when he was in the Air Force, and liked it so much he decided to retire there, where he lives with his wife, Jean.

He was thrilled to meet another AWONer, and though he's been in correspondence most with Janice Buterbaugh, Shirley was the first to meet George in Biloxi. He couldn't say enough about AWON and the support he's had from his many AWON Brothers & Sisters.

It's true: we're all with you, George!!

Shirley was just as thrilled to be the first AWON sib George had ever (knowingly) met, and she took him a button so he'd be sure to remember the occasion.

The photo was provided by Shirley McKinney and Janice Buterbaugh, with thanks!