On Sunday, July 29, 2001, several AWONers met at the
Radisson in Berkeley, thanks to the efforts of the organizers.

On the left side, front to back are Dianne Wiegand Baczynski,
Damon Rarey, Elizabeth Wetherell, and Pam Henry Saunders. On the right side,
front to back are Ron Hoffman, Patricia Behan Armstrong, Sharon Burns Bjornson,
Michele Littman King, and Don Allee.

Pat came from David, Ron from Walnut Creek, Damon from Santa Rosa, Sharon
from Oakland, Michele from San Mateo, Elizabeth from Crockett, Pam from
San Jose, Don from Lucas Valley, and Dianne & John from Novato.

They sat & talked for hours. Damon brought the original pictures his dad drew,
plus the book he had published with the drawings, which, by the way, is now
easily available from the AWON bookstore.
Thanks to Dianne (& husband John, the man behind the camera) for the
great picture of the Berkeley Bunch!