July 12, 2004

Janice Buterbaugh provides a text piece you may want to read,
especially if your Father was killed in Belgium.

Click the button above to read (or print) the PDF --

The PDF above is a 19-page manuscript Janice received from her friend, Edouard Reniere,
from Belgium. The manuscript is the story of a young boy during WWII, when Belgium was
occupied by the Germans – and later saw their liberation by the English and Americans. It is
a story from Ed's memory as seen through his eyes, stories told to him by his older brother
and his parents. It is also Ed's way of thanking all the veterans
and the families of those who never came home.

Thanks for this contribution, Janice!
In Memory of Maurice J. Ott, KIA 22 June 1944, near St. Lo, France.