Memorial Day • May 26, 2003

AWONers Ed Peters, Patty Wheeler, Bob Meek, and Rondy Elliott
on Memorial Day at the National D-Day Memorial. Both Rondy and Ed
gave talks about their fathers during the program. About 2,000 people attended.


Rondy points to her father's name on one of the memorial tablets,
while an known admirer examines Ed's tie.

When all the memorial tablets are completed, they will contain the names of all
Americans and the men from all the Allied countries who died on June 6, l944.


AWON fathers Frank M. Elliott and Nathan M. Marks
are on this one.


AWON fathers Joseph L Tate and Thomas Meehan III appear here.


Here's a map of the grounds of the Memorial.


Symbol of the fallen.


Most photos were provided by Rondy Elliott, with thanks! The D-Day Memorial Logo,
Map, and helmeted rifle were provided by Betty and Vamik Volkan, as a result of
an earlier trip to Bedford. To see more of those pictures. . .
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