The B-17, Boeing's Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey comes to
Santa Barbara, CA for several days in May, 2001. Owner Confederate
Air Force displays the plane as a classic of World War II.

A B-17 requires a crew of ten, has a wing span of 103' 9", a length
of 74. 9", a ceiling of 37,000', a range of 2,000 miles, and flies at 160 MPH.
Armament includes thirteen 50 Cal. Machine Guns, and an 8,000 lb. bomb load.

Each of four engines is a 1200 HP Wright Cyclone

The nose art mirrors the nostalgic purpose of the aircraft

The Bombardier/Nose Gunner sat up front

The treacherous Ball Turret Gunner's position was underneath

The Tail Gunner protected the back door

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