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A Guide to Records, Rights and Resources
for Families of American World War II Casualties

by Ann Bennett Mix
Published by James Publishers, 2003, $21.95
New Second Edition!

Lost in the Victory

Refelections of American War Orphans
of World War II

by Susan Johnson Hadler and Ann Bennett Mix
Published by University of North Texas Press, 1998, $32.50

After the Liberators

A Father's Last Mission
A Son's Lifelong Journey

by William C. McGuire II
Published by Parkway Publishers, 1999, $16.95

I can Hear the Guns Now

A World War II Story
of Love and Sacrifice

by Thomas G. Ratliff (WWII Orphan)
Self-published, $21.00

An 8th Air Force Combat Diary

by John A. Clark (WWII Orphan)
Published by Proctor Publications, LLC - $49.95 plus $5 postage & handling

Father Found

by Duane Heisinger
Published by Xulon Press - $16.95 plus $5 postage & handling


A Forgotten War Crime in the Pacific

by Michael J. Goodwin
Stockpole Books, hardback, $19.95

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