Abagail -- a real tank -- similar to what was used
by Allied forces in the Ardennes, on display at the 28th Division
Memorial in Boalsburg, PA. Submitted by Brenda Kightlinger, 6/99

A standard Army Jeep, shot in Holland by
Brenda Kightlinger, and submitted 10/99.

Click here to enlarge this Christmas Card and Prayer, sent by
General George Patton to his Third Army troops in Europe, December, 1944.
These were submitted by Paula Baker, 8/01.

Typical Japanese and American Rifles of WWII.

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Memorial to the 35th Infantry, recently erected near Nancy, France,
and an even newer placque dedicated 9/01 at Armaucourt, France.

Above is one of the most important American tools of WWII -- the one each
P-38 Can Opener . . . a must for opening C-ration cans. Our Fathers were never without one.
Submitted by Jerry Baker, 10/02.

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of the P-38, as told by some of the soldiers who have carried them since WWII.

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exhibit (in Bastogne) of the Battle of the Bulge.

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