Monday, April 4, 2005

David Duke (of David Duke & Associates, film producers of Atlanta)
and Rik Peirson met for lunch in Atlanta when Rik was there for
his daughter, Lindsey's wedding. The P-51 is in the front yard of
one great Atlanta restaurant (the 57th Fighter Group).

We didn't actually have lunch here that day – as the 57th Fighter Group was closed (!),
but it made a much better picture than the sports bar down the street.

David and his great team (including Scott Bynum, Videographer and Jim "Butch" Townley,
Editor) worked with the AWON video team (Rik, Walt Linne, Bob Meek, and Ann Mix)
in producing the finally minted & duplicated D.C. Conference Video, "In Their Memory,"
available now at an AWON Bookstore near you.

If you think this events page is in blatant promotion of the new video – you're totally right!
But you do NOT want to miss this video. Reach for your checkbook and Click Here!

We need to tell you about David Duke. He took a budget so embarrassing we won't
even tell you what it was . . . and without regard to his own financial wellbeing, he enlisted
the help of some of the best in the busines: Videographer Scott and Editor "Butch."
Together, they did what can only be described as a remarkable labor of love.
You'll see . . . because it's just so obvious . . . they did it for our Dads!

If you made it to the D.C. Conference – and the WWII Memorial Dedication –
you can relive it all again. From seeing our Fathers in the lobby of the JW (what
a rush!) – to seeing more of them in the main Salon – to Patricia's and Annie's welcome.
From Johnie Webb (of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command) to the combination of
reverence, irreverence and comedy that was our keynote – former Senator Bob Dole –
to the VIP and Vets' receptions – to the Friday Night Dance – to the Memorial Dedication,
it was an amazing ride. From Sharing Circles to Vamik's talk to the Monday Night banquet –
and on to the Candlelight Memorial service for our Fathers, it was truly a time to remember.

You'll hear Rollie Otte playing TAPS . . . and you'll see Chickie's daughter, Robin Berry, too.
Remember Robin in the rain . . . singing "I'll Be Seeing You?"

If you DIDN'T make it to the D.C. Conference . . . here's your chance to virtually
BE there, even though you weren't. It's a keepsake you really don't want to be without.
Thanks to the committee – who spent many late-night hours, arriving at every consensus
with grace and aplomb. As long as we remember who did the real heavy lifting here . . .

. . . it was David Duke . . . and friends.

Photo by Dianna Peirson, with thanks!